A Jupiter Transit In Action


Here is a fab example of a Jupiter transit in action. You know how it’s opportunity and expansion? That’s all true, but it’s also serendipity. And Mercury Retrograde can always spring a few surprises. And this week, it is in [ Read more…]

When Good Transits Feel Bad

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So okay say you had Saturn whizzing along to square your, i don’t know, MOON – you’d kind of anticipate that to be a bit ick. I’d certainly say something. Even for  Sagittarians in the Horoscopes now, it’s all about [ Read more…]

Lana Del Rey Celebrity Cat

Mercury Retrograde And Pets


Mercury Retrograde and Pets?  It is not an official thing but it should be. Perhaps assessing the companion animal situation should be a standard Mercury Retrograde warning, along with “back up thy data” and “don’t put your signature on anything [ Read more…]