Jupiter in Gemini

beautiful female shaman with snake

Aphrodisiac Shamanic Tea & An Aries Dude

Hands up who is feeling the Jupiter-Neptune nonsense (Jupiter in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces till July) as a surreal little buzz beneath the roar of the Zap Zone? I SO am. Just now i went to fix myself a Green Tea – totally sensible, right? And then i thought ‘omg i have Damiana…and some loose leaves of Mugwort’  So i made myself a blend of what is basically Aphrodisiac …

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Carbosexual Sumo Astrology

Here are your Food Horoscopes in one — Jupiter in Taurus ups appetites, particularly for carbohydrates. And Taurus + Cancer are the foodies of the Zodiac. Jupiter Void in TAURUS is enough to fuq with even the most devout, body-chemistry-optimal diet.  Jupiter the planet is a gigantic blob of inert gas. Jupiter in Taurus is enough to turn us into giant blobs of inert gas – only on the couch, …

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Rielle Hunter posing with soft toys

The Tabloid Geisha Led A Life Of “Sex & Astrology”

Political mistress and Tabloid Geisha Rielle Hunter apparently led a life of “sex and astrology.” It sounds totally legit. The rest of it? Hyper-weird. This story – about the American politician John Edwards and his alleged mistress Rielle Hunter gets battier and battier as you scroll down. Sex, drugs, astrology, a threesome with Brett Easton Ellis, 101-year-old billionaires financing the mistresses hairdos, campaign funds misappropriated to spend on, um, well …

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Surreal Art Rabbits

Please Bring Strange Things

“Please bring strange things. Please come bringing new things. Let very old things come into your hands. Let what you do not know come into your eyes. Let desert sand harden your feet. Let the arch of your feet be the mountains. Let the paths of your fingertips be your maps And the ways you go be the lines of your palms. Let there be deep snow in your inbreathing …

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Astro Lucretia Borgia

Lucretia Borgia is simply fascinating.  Love how in this picture she is depicted with both the cross and the Pagan snake.  Oh and I just noticed the blood dripping down from the cross and it is also a dagger. She was super villified, you understand.  Mother of eight, seductress, aristocrat, child housemaid, proto-type independent woman & apparent astrologer, she led a complex life in dangerous times: “…Italian renaissance woman who …

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