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Galaxy King Jupiter in astrology is the ruler of Sagittarius, audacious ventures, big biz, higher learning and any sort of knowledge quest. But the planet also known as Thor amplifies everything. The astrological Jupiter is a lucky influence but also blows out budgets, sane eating plans, and moderate anything.

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Mercurial Bats: Pig Fever

It’s kinda interesting that the Swine Fever news breaks just as Mercury is in slo-mo to go Retrograde. It’s not till next week but we are in the zone. Mercury nips into Gemini (sign of his rulership) and then goes retrograde back through Taurus & thus squaring Neptune, Chiron & Jupiter several times in May. The very same signs lining up in an glorious & rare Age-Of-Aquarius style astro-weirding for …

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Beautiful Taurean Surrealist

Today is the birthday of Lee Miller, the Vogue covermodel turned intern & Muse to peeps such as Man Ray & Jean Cocteau to surrealist photographer and then genius photojournalist. Her early life was horrid. She was raped by a family friend and contracted a vile venereal disease:  “I looked like an angel but I was a fiend inside.”  She was one of the first photographers to document the horrors …

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Travel Astrology – Which Signs Are Nomadic & Which Not?

In travel astrology, you assess the astrological influences of various destinations. But some Sun Signs would rather a staycation. Are you a restless & nomadic creature? Or deeply devoted to your home-nest-castle reality? Apart from a mega-youthful stage when I’d go anywhere with practically nothing & little care where I slept, I am a shockingly devout homebody. It has to do with being able to exert control over my environment …

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Raising The Qi Of Your Teeth

Astrology and your teeth? Yes, there is a link. Here is something to enhance any Virgoan Moon flossing frenzy/general dental hygiene jag. This Tooth Meridian Chart has its origins in Chinese medicine & says each tooth corresponds to a different organ. Like reflexology. So, say you’re ferociously creating tooth perfection in your bathroom whilst also noticing a slight crack in a tile, planning a mega-exfoliation and calculating diff mobile phone …

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The Origin Of Thursday Is That It’s Magic

The origin of Thursday? It’s named after Thor – the Norse Thunder God also known as Jupiter. It is thus lucky for Sagittarians and their aspirations. In France, it’s Jeudi – Jove Day or Day of Jupiter. In many Indian languages, Thursday is Guruvar, as Guru is the Sanskrit name for Jupiter. And how nice to think of the Jupiter-blessed bits of your chart (natally or by transit) as having …

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There Are Two Types Of Capricorn

The Capricorn personality traits? It depends. There are two types of Capricorn – the lusty, ribald “Pan” type Capricorn and the Saturnine sort.   “…I have an austere temperament,” she says. “There are things that give me no pleasure: objects, clothes, jewelry. I’ve worn them all, but all that stuff interferes with my daily life.” She does her own hair. According to her friend Farida Khelfa, “Carla hates shopping and …

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