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Galaxy King Jupiter in astrology is the ruler of Sagittarius, audacious ventures, big biz, higher learning and any sort of knowledge quest. But the planet also known as Thor amplifies everything. The astrological Jupiter is a lucky influence but also blows out budgets, sane eating plans, and moderate anything.

Promethea with Cadaceus

Lilith: The Bitch Is Back

Guess what???  Those primal throbbings ain’t just Pluto in slo-mo, stationing Direct. Nor Saturn revving up to oppose Uranus again. Dark Moon Lilith is conjunct the North Node in Capricorn. Let’s just say Lilith is the Bitch Goddess & that she is a Good Thing. Archaic feminine power and all that. And so we have Dark Moon Lilith conjunct (very powerful) the North Node (manifest destiny) and in the mega-pragmatic …

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Jerry Hall young big hair black and white portrait

Leo Hair Jealousy

It’s funny but people go ON and ON about the Leonic Madonna’s determination to look ever-young & stay, you know, relevant. But what about the way-older Leo Mick Jagger??? He’s been a fitness-fiend, vitamin vampire puller of young things for yonks longer than Madonna. Does anyone really bitch it up re him??  Seriously, is it sexism? Leos can’t help it. It’s who they are. Jagger has the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, …

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Gladstone Gander with target

D.I.Y. Astro – Jupiter Versus Saturn

Gladstone Gander The Jupiter-Saturn axis is a really quick, cool & easy way to do a fast-take on charts – both natal & the transits. The past of your chart where you have Saturn sitting natally (where it was when you were born) or where it is currently transitting is where you have to just knuckle under, work hard and be super-mature. There are no short-cuts in your Saturn area …

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George Sand portrait

Runaway Baroness, Proto-Feminist And Sun Square Uranus

The novelist George Sand was a classic Uranus woman. Or, as I call strongly Uranus influenced people: A Uranian. She was Sun square Uranus and the rad planet was also Trine her North Node. This is her Astral DNA birth chart report here. She was a cross-dressing, bisexual divorcee and self-supported female creative in an era when that was outrageous. Sand was way ahead of her society’s Zeitgeist. From the …

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Greek God Stamp

D.I.Y. Astro: Jupiter Transits

Yes there is an awesome amount of material one could post on Jupiter, as befitting a planet & deity so gracious & majestic – see, it is always worth paying homage to the Luckiest Planet Of All, ruler of Sagg & Pisces, King of the Gods and lord of culture, luck, gambling and insouciant courage. Jupiter whistles in the dark and cracks jokes under even the most dire of circumstances. …

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