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Galaxy King Jupiter in astrology is the ruler of Sagittarius, audacious ventures, big biz, higher learning and any sort of knowledge quest. But the planet also known as Thor amplifies everything. The astrological Jupiter is a lucky influence but also blows out budgets, sane eating plans, and moderate anything.

Horse Art Psychedelic

Where Is Your Horse Goddess?

Today is the feast day of Epona, the Celtic & Roman Horse Goddess from where we get the name “pony.” Her name literally means “Great Mare” and her image – a la above – used to be on Roman stables all over the place. So apt that she connected with the time of Sagittarius – her lucky emblem?  The Horseshoe…Horses were obviously mega-important in the olden days -not just beloved …

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Jupiter Direct!

YAY! Jupiter is Direct today!!!! Tues night is thus perfect for some grandiose resolutions. Remember it’s Jupiter in Aquarius so make them as ostentatious,  utopian and bats as possible. It’s Jupiter so nix self-doubt with Saggo-style gusto. It’s the Dark Moon so you are still resting in prep for the seriously full on new phase starting next week – these resolutions  need not be affirmed with champagne or yelling. Jupiter …

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Ameila Earhard in the cockpit

Amelia Earhart & The Mysterious Astro-Glyphs

An expedition is on to find more info re Ms Amelia Earhart, the fearless pilot (and Leo) who disappeared in July 1937. She was fascinating and on this site here you can see what some say is a message from her, suggesting Earhart was held in capitivity. By the Japanese presumably. She was, at that point, the most famous woman in the world. “These mysterious initials were found in a …

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Super-Luna: The Moon in Aquarius

It’s a super-strong Aquarian Moon as Mercury stations Direct. Ultra-aware and ultra restless. Very intellectual & insane cravings for space. Artemis is fast approaching the Auspicious Aqua Weirding so lots of good things developing even as these last days of Saturn chez Virgo make it mega apparent what platform is crumbling beneath our sexy barefeet.  And dreams??? Sooo lucid. Remember this sort of hi-Qi Uranian energy thrashes the nerves if …

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Artemis in the Space Age

The 12th House

I call the 12th House (the one right before the Ascendent) the Soul Sector but it has many names. Fatalistic old style astrologers called it the House of Self-Undoing.  The sign on the Cusp of the 12th is often one that you are not comfortable with although it would actually be brill for you to incorporate the higher aspects of that sign. Sometimes the 12th House operates almost like a …

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Moonwane In Leo

Whoops…Watch it. When the Moon is waning and in the sometimes grandiose, given to drama-queenie drastic antics sign of Leo AND opposing gassy Jupiter with Mercury Retrograde, there can be a tendency to inflate things WAY out of proportion and/or let one’s ego cause one to make a judgement that could be seen as paranoid, pompous or just a bit daffy…If in doubt, wait till after the Moon gets into …

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