German paraglider survivor

The Ultimate Saggo

This could be the ULTIMATE SAGGO “A German paraglider is being hailed as “the luckiest woman in the world” after surviving a storm cell that sucked her higher than Mount Everest during a flight in northern New South Wales. Ewa [ Read more…]

Hello, I'm Robot

By Jove in 2010

Jupiter, the officially most lucky planet of all, usually keeps pretty regular cycles. For ages now, he has whizzed into a new sign around about Jan/Feb and stayed there for the year. It’s gotten so i think of particular years [ Read more…]

Bugs Bunny playing football

Jupiter Direct!


YAY! Jupiter is Direct today!!!! Tues night is thus perfect for some grandiose resolutions. Remember it’s Jupiter in Aquarius so make them as ostentatious,  utopian and bats as possible. It’s Jupiter so nix self-doubt with Saggo-style gusto. It’s the Dark [ Read more…]