jupiter in astrology

Galaxy King Jupiter in astrology is the ruler of Sagittarius, audacious ventures, big biz, higher learning and any sort of knowledge quest. But the planet also known as Thor amplifies everything. The astrological Jupiter is a lucky influence but also blows out budgets, sane eating plans, and moderate anything.

Money Frequency Vibration

Why The Jupiter Spin Frequency Money Meditation?

The Jupiter Spin Frequency Money Meditation is predominantly a power-chill, featuring my new fave Binaural Beats  – the Jupiter Spin Frequency. Whether you’re a scientist or a shaman, all planets have frequencies. And there is the money frequency vibration. The Jupiter frequency zings up the thrusting and abundance mindset that some call luck. Listening to the money frequency vibration in this meditation accentuates the Jovial or Jupiterian aspect of your consciousness. It’s not …

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Feng Shui Your Wallet

Good news for those of you wanting to Feng Shui Your Wallet!  The (Vegan) Wealth Wallets are back in stock. If you pre-ordered, it is being shipped today. If you want one, I am adding in a complimentary Mercurial Key Ring. I won’t be doing any more of either after current stock runs out. Despite loving the key ring + wallet and believing in the power of Magical Talismans, having …

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An Unusual Birth Chart For Baby Question

A birth chart for baby question with a difference! Dear Mystic, I was just considering emailing you about my astro query when I saw your post about the miracle foal, Pickles. Recently a friend of mine was telling me about the arrival of her new nephew and I would like to draw up a natal chart for the baby as a gift. The problem is that the baby was stillborn, …

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platinum blonde girl walking away in high heeled boots.

Why Is The Lead-Up To Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant So Hard?

Mystic advises a Pisces wondering why the lead-up to her Jupiter conjunct Ascendant transit – which is meant to be amazing – is so challenging. Dear Mystic, Is there some 12 house die off before my Jupiter conjunct Ascendant later this month? Let’s say this week was rough. It started with getting roofied and almost sent to the hospital on Saturday. Then my coworkers started gossiping about my friendship with …

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Jupiter Into Scorpio And The Return Of Magical Thinking

Jupiter in Scorpio is imminent. The times and more nuanced takes are in the Horoscopes already but know this: Just because the Galaxy King was in Scorpio 12 years ago (2005-2006) don’t imagine that this astral passage is a run of the mill thing. For a start, every 12 years is still a relatively slow cycle and the last time around, Jupiter in Scorpio was not supported by Neptune in …

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Hubris Versus Nemesis

This extract from Signals – by Pippa Malmgren – makes me think of Jupiter and Saturn aspects. It is very much that interplay. “…the economy begins inside the human soul, driven by the never-ending battle between the Greek goddesses Hubris and Nemesis for possession of our psyche. The ancient Greeks described Hubris as the spirit who lights the fire or desire or greed and compels us to take risks to …

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