Daily Nowness

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Hey Mystic, This is L, otherwise known as Aries Virgo Rising in your comments section I read your blog daily and I cannot thank you enough for being seriously amazing, rad, and ultra cool for keeping us in the loop [ Read more…]

Viggo Rising

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This has now been corrected but i would just like to apologize for the typo in the Virgo Horoscopes for Tuesday.  The heading was meant to be Virgo/Virgo Rising and instead it said Viggo Rising.  Humility. As someone with Mars [ Read more…]

Oracle Rebirth

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Olaf Hajek   Hey guys, the Oracle is rebirthed…Go check it out… There are now 15 questions, loads more answers and it’s working like a charm…which it is, of course. Questions include “What Was My Past Life Involvement With X?” [ Read more…]

Magical Swagger & The Boombox Guy

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Boombox Downtown S.F 1980 Peter Anderson “…Never forget that magic is an elusive force. Sometimes exasperating in its creation, it is generated by confidence and certainty. It takes swagger, madness, absurdity; it requires encouragement, irreverence, and positivity…” John Hegarty And [ Read more…]