Virgo holding Hare and Moon statue. She has magic tattoos on her hands

Modern Witchcraft & The Virgo House Witch

Modern witchcraft is more of a consciousness that the practitioner infuses into everything, particularly the so-called mundane aspects of life. That’s the thinking behind House Witchery. Keeping house, moon-gazing and honoring your intuition don’t require elaborate spells or rituals. You are the spell. The magic is all around you. All you’re doing is aligning your vibe and that of your environment to better attune to it. As the Virgo HouseRead More…

The Mind Blowing Cosmic Egg Mythology

Egg Symbolism is amazing. Check this out for some mind-blowing mythology around the Cosmic Egg. Learn about the egg and cut it with a flaming sword. In our world there is a bird more sublime than all others. To search for his egg be thy only concern. The egg of alchemy is a symbol for magical realisation.” Michael Maier – German Alchemist 1687 It is, of course, Easter – alwaysRead More…

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