Kamikaze Astro

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One more email about Harmonic Ascension (because of the Grand Water Trine) and i scream.  It’s Saturn anchored. You’re either learning something amazing or you find yourself in the position of sagacious teacher. If it’s the latter, the very lesson [ Read more…]

Pluto In Privacy

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Don’t let Saturn in Scorp + Pluto in Cap + the Zap Zone make you paranoid peeps…But…I was just reading this genius piece about the Edward Snowden/NSA schizz by the Chinese dissident artist Virgo and astro-fiend Ai Weiwei Then i [ Read more…]

Liberace Made It Big

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Speaking of jewels, these are the much treasured baubles of the Taurean artiste Liberace, about to be played in a movie by Michael Douglas…Matt Damon plays his long term partner Scott Thorson.  Can’t wait for this film. Liberace also had [ Read more…]

Daily Nowness

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Hey Mystic, This is L, otherwise known as Aries Virgo Rising in your comments section I read your blog daily and I cannot thank you enough for being seriously amazing, rad, and ultra cool for keeping us in the loop [ Read more…]