Grand Air Trine

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Air Signs Need Ventilation

Air Signs need ventilation. Elementally, the zodiac signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are attuned to the winds. In magic, each wind is a realm ruled over by a deity. Winds blow between worlds and dimensions, carrying messages and memory along with fragrance. If you’re an Air Moon or Mercury, a breeze can bring a premonition. Some people can sense when the air between people stills or is stale. Air …

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David Bowie Was The Ultimate Uranian

David Bowie Astrology Notes. David Bowie going is SO sad. In a world where words like “iconic” get tossed around, he really was. Many artists can endure and many are stunningly original. To manage both is extremely rare. Bowie was niche and mainstream, always ahead of the Zeitgeist. Maybe he WAS the Zeitgeist. This list of his (according to one source) 24 best songs illustrates the crazy extent of his reach.  …

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Freya Stark – Aquarian Nomad & Last Of The Romantic Travellers

Jessa Crispin on the amazing Aquarius writer Freya Stark and her Mercury – she was Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Scorpio & Mars in Aries square Venus in Capricorn – a Zap Zone in motion.  “You have left your props behind you, all the furniture of your life, the barricade of things and people erected by yourself and your forebears against the attacks of circumstance; and circumstance is now …

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The Weekend Of Woo-Woo

Hey i am in Hermit mode doing consults i was meant to be doing last weekend when i got Saturn tooth but some points… * Daily Horoscopes are up now – it is the Weekend Of Woo-Woo, some interesting surreal undercurrents beneath the non stop electric zing of the Zap Zone…See here.   It is also a weekend when Retro-Mars can bite. Kia Kaha – best said with air punch …

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Astro Bowie Is Instructional

You can learn a lot about astrology by observing the astro of singular people. David Bowie is a fantastic example as he has an ongoing cultural relevancy, cool credentials and fan base that would be the envy of any artist. It’s practically life-long. He’s had fame without being majorly fuqed up by it, he’s evolved all the time without it seeming like desperate posturings to reinvent himself and he’s enjoyed …

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The Movie Moon Is A Grand Air Trine Concept

I saw Moon two years ago and still, it haunts me on and off. To me, it is an example of Grand Air Trine thinking. People with these aspects conjure up high concepts the way others wonder what to have for dinner. The Director/Writer Duncan Jones has interesting astro. He’s Gemini Sun with Mars in Aquarius trining AND Uranus in Libra trining. So, a Grand Air Trine of the Sun, …

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