Mystic Mercurial Revelations

Mercury Retro in Pisces gives good mercurial revelations. They’re the seemingly whimsical little seeds of information that float in on the breeze. They’re more substantial than their levity suggests. The last three Mercury Retrogrades have been vile problematic. The one last March hooked into the Jupiter-Neptune square. The mid-year Mercury Retro was understudy for the starring Eclipse, interjecting surreal subtones and odd omens. The October/November 2019 Mercury in Scorpio Retrograde …

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Asja Boros art - hand holding a Sun with stars in the background

August 2019 Astrology And The Invincible Sun

For all you need know on the August 2019 Astrology, see the Monthly Horoscopes that are now posted. It was such a pleasure to be able to write horoscopes without trying to have to remember how to spell catharsis. And Happy New Moon in Leo. It is square to Uranus, tinging the golden Leo aura with outer-planetary indigo rays. This Moon works for sudden and flamboyant art, love or lifestyle …

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Zodiac Signs In The 21st Century

Zodiac Signs In The 21st Century

The Zodiac Signs are anti-fragile. They’ve existed since before the dawn of measurable time, and they endure today. Paleolithic people painted them in caves. Priestesses on the battlements of ancient cities star-gazed, seeking answers and calculating. Sailors, crossing strange oceans, found the reassurance of their constellation in the sky. If you time-machined yourself back in history, talking about your “star sign” would be a guaranteed go-to conversation staple. Or, to …

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The Trappist-1 Planets And Astrology

The Trappist-1 Planets And Astrology How can we put the Trappist-1 Planets And Astrology together? In February 2017, scientists discovered a new planetary system, just 12 parsecs away from our Solar System. That’s 39 light years. It is called Trappist-1.   This has nothing to do with monks, although i can see monastery planets becoming a thing. Trappist is the acronym for a pair of genius-tech telescopes. They are in the desert …

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Stephen Hawkings Pluto Conjunct Midheaven

Stephen Hawking was a Capricorn with two Grand Earth Trines. One hummed between his Mercury in Capricorn, Neptune in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus. The other was Sun in Capricorn, to Moon in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. As if that were not a strong enough config, the genius physicist had Pluto conjunct Midheaven, the astral signature of enduring renown. Or, of someone recognized as a transformer of consciousness and …

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Proto Aries

For a brilliant example of Aries personality characteristics, check out this profile of the gifted physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed. He has the Sun, Retro Mercury and Chiron all in the sign of the Ram. The whole article is worth a read but here is an extract. Get Nima Arkani-Hamed going on the subject of the universe — not difficult — and he’ll talk for as many minutes or hours as it takes …

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