Original Vampirella in black one piece swim suit at beach with umbrella. Fifties Goth girl pin-up.

What Is A Lower Neptunian?


I am re-posting this from a few years ago because it’s super-relevant now, with Jupiter square Neptune. These people are everywhere. What is a Lower Neptunian? They’re people with a strong 12th House, Neptune or Piscean influence who are misusing [ Read more…]

I Dated A Dark Sun Leo

Leos without a proper creative channel or stage of their own can become Dark Sun Leos, narcissistic nutters with an insatiable appetite for ego gratification. They come on super-charming, attentive and cultured but cannot sustain it. So, they manufacture a [ Read more…]

Mercury Retrograde And Relationships


Mercury Retrograde and relationships. You thought the subject was closed, but it’s back. Or, you got over your Ex, but suddenly, they’re back in your head. Yes, that’s right, this three-times-a-year astro-trip has many more effects besides being the time [ Read more…]