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Proper Feng Shui is fantastic and highly effective. Browse posts featuring Feng Shui tips – from Mystic’s Feng Shui Witch and anecdotes. Feng Shui is linked to the druidic geomancy and has esoteric links to astrology.

Chez Uranus In Taurus Chic

Some people are early adopters of Uranus in Taurus style. The Future God first moved into Taurus in mid-May 2018, just in time for the Meaghan and Harry Royal wedding. However, it did not establish until late 2019, via a hyper boost from Jupiter in Capricorn. It’s still only at 3 degrees, can you believe it? But the early adopting people are there already, instinctively rebirthing their aesthetic to alignRead More…

Randall Bell standing in front of crumbling wall

Randall Bell Is A Great Example Of Career Astrology

Randall Bell is a fantastic example of career astrology. He is a haunted house broker. If you wanted to sell, say, The Amityville Horror, he would be your guy. But Bell doesn’t use that term; he prefers to call them stigmatized properties. After I read about him in The Hustle today, I reached out for his birth details, because they’re not online. He got straight back to me, a veryRead More…

Kim Novak with flame in cauldron

Scorpio Full Moon Sorcery And An Experiment

The Friday (witch’s day) before a Scorpio Full Moon is ideal for some House Witchery.  It’s also super-strength Outer Planet Vibe – a la the Daily Mystic email for Fri-Sat-Sun. It intensifies everything. Issue drastic ultimatums and seek dramatic resolution OR shift the stuck energy with some domestic sorcery. Both? Fittingly, two queries whizzed into my inbox today. Dear Mystic, I’m waiting for a delivery of wine and cigarettes, tryingRead More…

Li Gong holding receiver of old fashioned phone. Fashionable beautiful Asian woman in 2046 movie

Weird New Earth Era Rules To Understand ASAP

Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn is the new Earth Era.  Also, until 2021, Saturn and then Jupiter will also be in Capricorn. Even once Saturn and Jupiter move on, we’re left with power-players Uranus + Pluto both in Earth signs, a la the Sixties, when they were conjunct in Virgo. They’re in harmony and supported by Neptune, so this is not like the non-stop cathartic edge of theRead More…

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