Cosmic Egghead

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“As a student of the occult, paganism, and metaphysics, I have often been drawn to the mystery of alchemy. The symbolic egg has consistently been included in the drawings and musings of alchemist practitioners. My intention with the project was [ Read more…]

Easter W.T.F.

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Easter, seriously, w.t.f?  I mean, LOOK at this thing.  It ticks every box on the crazy-bats list. * Stolen Pagan Festival. Easter = Oestre – Goddess of the Dawn. Think oestrogen. Oestrus as in heat. HENCE the EGGS. * Commemorating [ Read more…]


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  I should probably think of a good Easter-Oestre ritual, something suitably Pagan for a festival that was, after all, basically stolen and turned into something else. But the combo of Mercury right at the dregs end of the retrograde [ Read more…]