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Soulmates Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman loved up in Sixties fashion with their dog

Strange Synastry – What Are The Soulmate Links?

What are the Soulmate Links? They’re the strange synastry and weird alignments between the birth charts of two people that reflect soul affinity. Some are the sort of thing you find in classic compatibility reports (Person A has their Sun conjunct the Moon of Person B) while others are weirder; Asteroid Isis in conjunction to Osiris, for example. The entire list of 88 Soulmate Links is here. Most couples or …

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Li Gong holding receiver of old fashioned phone. Fashionable beautiful Asian woman in 2046 movie

Weird New Earth Era Rules To Understand ASAP

Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn is the new Earth Era.  Also, until 2021, Saturn and then Jupiter will also be in Capricorn. Even once Saturn and Jupiter move on, we’re left with power-players Uranus + Pluto both in Earth signs, a la the Sixties, when they were conjunct in Virgo. They’re in harmony and supported by Neptune, so this is not like the non-stop cathartic edge of the …

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Space 1999 star in Seventies Kaftan to illustrate astrology and beauty article

Beauty Therapists Of The Galaxy

Few realize that the beauty therapists of the galaxy can be practically grouped into planetary categories. Yes, even the ones operating on Earth. Here are the main types.  You may have encountered some of these galactic archetypes already. Or, perhaps you are booking an appointment with one of them this very week. The Sun Beauty Therapist  She appears from the shadows, a seemingly flawless vision of immaculate maquillage, manicure and …

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Fake Heiress Anna Delvey in dark sunglasses. Black and White portrait.

“Anna Delvey” Is At Least A Real Neptunian

Are you interested in the Anna Delvey astrology? You should be. She’s such a substantial case study. The fake heiress and A-list grifter, Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin, just got found guilty of fraud. The New York magazine had the ultimate story on her and if you have not read it, do. But to summarize; Up until her arrest, she was a designer-fashion-clad, aspiring film-producer living an instagrammy life, jetting …

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Sun square Saturn

Venus Conjunct Neptune Vs Sun Square Saturn

As per the Daily Mystic email for Wednesday’s today is cognitive dissonance to the max. We have Venus conjunct Neptune (dreamy, surreal and romantic) versus Sun square Saturn (hard-edged, power-focal ambition.) Venus-Neptunian Vibe is idealistic, conjuring up magical realism. It’s inspirational crushes, whimsical messaging, marshmallows, ghosts, perfume, art, and fantasy, Sun square Saturn is ready to exile anyone who gets in their way. It is expedient and hyper-aware of time/money …

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