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Red Fox in the Snow

Pimp My Dream…

I had the best & most amazing dream! It was that I could hear this scuffling in the ceiling & opened a previously unseen trapdoor thing – in some trepidation, expecting something vile to skitter out – and it was this gorgeous red fox with big green eyes & he could talk to me!  I can’t recall the details of the conversation except that this was an exceptionally benevolent & …

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Surreal Art Bull Catholic

Neptunian Dreaming

Nearly everything squares Neptune over this weekend and in fact, the next few weeks. Dreams ARE IMPORTANT. How hard can it be to get one simple little exercise book & just jot down a few vital deets of any dream you remember?  Jung called them the royal road to the subconscious. I am consistently convinced that so much psycho-cultural clutter (all those ADS in self-help & alt health mags, for …

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