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Daphne Guinness in vintage laboratory

The Dead Dreams Laboratory

Dead dreams have to go somewhere to be processed before Uranus gets into Aries so why not the Dead Dreams Laboratory? The sooner these suckers are all out of the way, the quicker we can get onto flying machines, invisibility cloaks, placebos-that-work-and-they-all-smell-like-violets, doubling the human life span, healthy revolutions, superfood genius and rad liberation in relationships. What happens to the tired old fantasies that don’t get zapped in the Dead …

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Artistic film director home

Mars-Neptune Dreaming

This is the home of Guillermo Del Toro – film director (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Hobbit)…He is a Libra (Sun conjunct Mercury) and he has Mars in Leo square Neptune in Scorpio square Jupiter in Taurus.   It’s the latter aspect that I think is in play here. This is some BIG dreaming: “…The word he uses is “bibliophile” — loving them both for what they contain and what they are as …

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Karen Elson red dress Full Moon

Psyched Out Dark Moon Dreaming Activity

Karen Elson Hmmm, I need to find my mugwort dream pillow again. And a bucket of lavender oil. This Dark Moon aspects Saturn and then Pluto, the good-time guys of astrology. Lol. It is brilliant for psyched out dreams that will render you stunned by your insights come the morning. I’m talking Monday night, no matter where you reside in Gaia. This is won’t be so much the wild wanderings …

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magical art pinnochio goddess

Moon-Neptunian Dreaming

The Moon near Neptune makes for beautiful dreaming & sacred shamanic sort of carry-on, if you can rouse yourself from the Dark Moon torpor. Perfect also for Tarot, meditation, steampunk, reverie a la music but only contemporary as this is an Aqua Moon, remember. Fab for science AND magic – weren’t they once one and the same? Haute Objectivity helps counter some of the crappier too-soon urges of newly direct …

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Art - girl in love

Koi No Yoken & Spider Dreaming

The Japanese phrase Koi No Yoken apparently refers to the sensing of an impending love affair: perhaps at first meeting or maybe just a feeling that you are about to encounter someone out of the norm. It’s v.much of the now as Venus sextiles Pluto on the eve of a magical conjunction between Chiron & Neptune. Anyone with even a nano of intuitive brain cells is a sex-psychic this week. …

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surreal art woman in boat

Neptunian Dreaming: Now & For The Next Seven Days

Never mind Saturn…Well, it never pays to set Saturnine reality TOO aside but think about this!!!! Neptune is in total slo-mo, prepping to turn Direct next week. Now and the next seven days feature super-lucid-dream-imagery and messaging. Are your dreams just a neural dump? Shift your bed, clean under it, smudge, change bed direction…do something. And let this post be where we interpret our dreams! Some of you are damn …

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