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When Mars + Venus Are In Virgo, Earth Signs Are Easy

When Mars and Venus are in Virgo, Earth Signs are easy. Uncle Pluto is along as a chaperone so any flirtation has a chthonic, spooky edge; Hormones with karma. It is a profoundly regenerative scenario affecting all relationships but particularly the Earth Signs. Also, Venus in Virgo is fantastic for precision grooming, alterations to image and aesthetic reforms. In relationships or potential relationships, it’s an atmosphere of constant calculations, subtle …

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Do Virgos Hate Pisceans Right Now?

The Pisces Virgo Relationship is a magnetic phenomenon; they’re drawn, then they’re repulsed. The tension between them hums along like Quantum Physics. When the Nodes are in Virgo-Pisces, that dynamic is amplified. Dear Mystic, I’m wondering if Virgos have been having issues with Pisceans since the south node went into Pisces and Neptune has been there a while. Does the mysterious Neptune (no structure! *such* a headache) and slightly odd, …

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An Example Of Virgo Dating Efficiency

The Virgo relationship settings are as efficient and smart as anything else they do. I recently enjoyed a brilliant example of Virgo Dating Efficiency.  On my retreat in September, I met this woman – super fit, competency-oozing, strawberry blonde – and she was saying how she met her husband.  She had been single for 11 years, pouring energy into perfecting her health (she works in that industry) and getting “serious” …

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pisces and dating information

Dating The Zodiac: Pisces

Pisces and dating God, I really wanted to illustrate this with an image of Piscean Robin Thicke. Who, let us not forget, was skeevy way before Blurred Lines. But I thought it might sway the discussion into non-objective realms. Pisces (a slippery one) key tactics: seductive charm mendacity and evasion. He also had that bizarre Neptunian/Pisces ability to suddenly let rip with a stunning, surreal bit of information or a …

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Aquarius and dating blog

Dating The Zodiac: Aquarius

Aquarius and Dating? Aquarius is the absolute poster person for the Treat Them Mean, Keep Them Keen brigade. Be “nice” to them and they’re off-planet. Erase them from your brain and they’ll be at your threshold, an ingratiating smile plastered across their alien features, like when outer-space conquerors turn themselves human for a bit by an immense power of will. Are they original? Fuq yeah. Ludicrously technique conscious? Without a …

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capricorn and dating images

Dating The Zodiac: Capricorn

Dating A Capricorn? Once I dated a Capricorn who was – I swear – the stingiest person on Gaia. It was not chic, elegant frugality. It was low-level, verging on ripping people off all the time, always with a fancy justification. For instance, all the lavatory paper in his loo had different packaging. It seemed off. I inquired and voila the long-winded explanation about how he “acquired” it unconventionally because …

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