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Leo Personality Truths

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  To counter anti-Leo propaganda, it’s time for Leo Personality Truths. From an early age, Leos hear a voice in their head saying something along the lines of “who the hell do you think you are?” Sure, it could be [ Read more…]

I Dated A Dark Sun Leo

Leos without a proper creative channel or stage of their own can become Dark Sun Leos, narcissistic nutters with an insatiable appetite for ego gratification. They come on super-charming, attentive and cultured but cannot sustain it. So, they manufacture a [ Read more…]

Leos Expectations Give Them Vertigo

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Leo expectations can be crazy high. They keep the true height of them secret. Left unaddressed, they lead to Self-Limiting Syndrome or the Leo becomes a Dark Sun Leo. This style of Leo only rates sycophants. Anyone else is “disloyal.” [ Read more…]

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Dark Sun Leos

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This is a Dark Sun Leo so sick with envy he wants to throttle the pretty creature in front of him. So I am calling them Dark Sun Leos but there is probably a better name for these creatures. My [ Read more…]