Dark Sun Leos

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Ask Mystic: Are Leos A Joke?

What are the Leo strengths? Or, as this Leo asks, are they a joke? Good Evening, I hope all is well! I’ve recently discovered your blog, and I’m becoming a fan. Your posts are so well thought out and insightful, in the short time that I’ve been reading them, I’ve already learned so much.  At the risk of sounding terribly insecure, I wanted to ask a question that’s been on …

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Leo Personality Truths

  To counter anti-Leo propaganda, it’s time for Leo Personality Truths. From an early age, Leos hear a voice in their head saying something along the lines of “who the hell do you think you are?” Sure, it could be their father. Many Leos have fathers who serve more like stumbling blocks and karmic obstructionists than anything else. But it’s also their inner voice, zapping them into champion mode. The …

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I Dated A Dark Sun Leo

Leos without a proper creative channel or stage of their own can become Dark Sun Leos, narcissistic nutters with an insatiable appetite for ego gratification. They come on super-charming, attentive and cultured but cannot sustain it. So, they manufacture a drama. Dear Mystic, Thank you for your astro-wiseness, humor, style, and presence. I do not start my day, week, or make any important decisions until I consult your fantastic website …

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Leos Expectations Give Them Vertigo

Leo expectations can be crazy high. They keep the true height of them secret. Left unaddressed, they lead to Self-Limiting Syndrome or the Leo becomes a Dark Sun Leo. This style of Leo only rates sycophants. Anyone else is “disloyal.” Or they generate tawdry dramas out of inferior material. They need a stage, arena, or a creative outlet. If they can’t be Performance Leo, they’ll turn their life into a …

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Why Do Some People Make You Feel Inferior?

  Dear Mystic, You know how sometimes there are people around whom you instantly become (or at least feel) more socially backward or awkward? But on no reasonable grounds that you can perceive (not royalty, not star-struck, etc)? As though they exist in a different atmosphere and breathe different air. It’s hard to tell if you’re being judged, but you sort of feel like you are anyway, and regularly wrong-foot …

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Dark Sun Leos

This is a Dark Sun Leo so sick with envy he wants to throttle the pretty creature in front of him. So I am calling them Dark Sun Leos but there is probably a better name for these creatures. My theory is that Leos when darkened make for the worst ‘lower’ form of any of the Zodiac signs. Usually I love Leos. I love how they are determined to imbue …

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