Circe is the pragmatic sorceress, an introvert who usually preferred the company of her animal companions to that of men. Asteroid Circe, number #34, is prominent in people who prefer tranquil privacy, love animals and are good with potions.

Circe on her throne with astrology symbols

The Genius Of Magic

So Saturn squaring my Moon in the 9th house has turned the upcoming Sorceress Astro-Report into a labyrinthine vortex of research. I’m not satisfied with the usual definitions of anything. A few years ago I might have been content with info from Wikipedia, Crystalinks, my Women’s Encylopedia of Myths & Secrets, and what I remembered from a lifetime of reading myth/magic. Now? I have made notes from books like Astral …

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New Moon in Taurus. Black and white photographic montage of a woman holding a Moon.

The New Moon In Taurus Is Witchier Than It Looks

Any New Moon in Taurus is a foundation stone for new values or affiliations. It feels self-accepting. Solidarity counts more than showy gestures. And, it’s an auspicious Moon to establish new money habits. But this one is weirder and witchier than that. Saturn methodically dredges up past dynamics, recrafting what you thought of as your narrative. It’s not like the Chiron South Node Swamp vibe of a few years ago. …

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No Ordinary New Moon In Sagittarius

Why is this New Moon In Sagittarius so strange? Blame it on astrophysics, Dark Matter and the recent Mercury Retrograde. There are Mercury Retrogrades that slow things down, and there are Mercury Retrogrades that catalyze progress. This most recent bit of tricky mercurial business has been the latter.  The last three weeks have felt like non-stop fixing things and then having to fix the fix. Or sudden recognition of the …

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Asteroid Circe

All Of The Posts On Asteroid Circe

Here are are all of the posts on Asteroid Circe in one place. The prompt? This… “I rise then and go to my herbs, I create something, I transform something. My witchcraft is as strong as ever, stronger. This too is good fortune. How many have such power and leisure and defense as I do?”   Circe – Madeline Miller  Circe has always seemed to cop far too much blame …

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Virgos…Returned From Outer Dimension X

Virgo/Virgo Rising Sorceress Circe in Virgo makes a challenging alignment to Saturn that you can turn to your advantage. Situations around family of origin, home base or real estate have complexity that you are able to decode via your Virgo powers of hyper-analysis. Yes to wiles in the service of securing privacy or stability. Romantically, this week’s activation of Jupiter-Neptune vibe makes all of it radical for rapport restoration and …

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Foxy Synchronicity & Fox Symbolism

The spiritual meaning of Fox is that it’s a Trickster archetype, wild and free, loathed by Muggles. When you get the Fox in my Oracle, it means to be wild. But you need to be smart about it. If you’re free or untrammelled by conventional expectations, keep it on the lowdown. Dear Mystic, A woman in the grocery store this morning mistook me for someone else, and called out “Mrs. …

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