christmas trees are sad

To take a living tree and then let it die in your living room to celebrate a stolen Pagan festival is bad for the environment, sad for the tree and terrible energy for your house.

Santa with Audrey Hepburn

Yule Can’t Fool Me

Hark everybody! I know I speculated that Santa is a Sagittarius but I legit think something more sinister is going on. Here we have Capricorn season, a time when many people want to be temperate and goals-focussed. But no, a strange spectre haunts public spaces across many cities and towns. I’d say wraith but Santa Claus – an archetypal patriarch – is ‘designed’ to take up space. He is imposing, …

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David Bowie in Christmas Tree costume

Hating Christmas Is Not A Personality Disorder

I hate Christmas. I thought people were supposed to adhere more to tradition with every passing year, but my grinching is intensifying. It is a Stolen Pagan Festival that has morphed into a synthetic symbol of hypocritical, tree destroying societal dissonance. Yesterday I was in a mall, and, as I have vowed since the last Mercury Retrograde to pay more attention to my intuition, I stopped to analyze the strange …

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The Christmas Club Is Open!

Welcome to the Mega Mystic Members Christmas Club – your zone for hanging-out and discussion over the Saturnalia break. Obviously you can talk amongst yourselves about whatever you like but here are some topics that you may like to riff off: The whole last week of 2017 is Jupiter in Scorpio square the North Node in Leo – this is like a gigantic Scorpion push toward visionary North Node in …

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A Full Moon Square Uranus Catalyst

If that felt like your weirdest Christmas on record, blame the Full Moon square Uranus. Full Moons in Cancer are high-potency and Uranus is a Catalyst. Happy end-of-the-cognitive-dissonance.  A Full Moon in Cancer was always bound to evoke usually unexpressed or even realized emotions. And those vie with the more pragmatic Capricorn Sun, Pluto, Athene. And on Xmas?  Ridic.  Nothing like chthonic feelings versus traditionalist expectations of the festival. Add …

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Free The Pine

Those of you who have been lurking around here a while will know that i tend to post an Xmas Grinch rant at around this time. I would say that it is a tradition but i am a Uranian.  So it’s, I don’t know, a download. Some of the frequent themes are forced frivolity, compulsive consumerism and the appropriation of a Pagan festival – Xmas being among many but with …

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The Christmas Rebel Manifesto

Okay, i was going to say that I’m grinching Christmas, but that’s not accurate – i am the Christmas Rebel. Without a nanogram of hate in my heart for the Xmas Freaks who love this time of year, here is my Christmas Rebel manifesto.  * Due to it being a Stolen Pagan Festival (once was Saturnalia), Xmas is scheduled for the time of Capricorn. That is the most astrologically ludicrous time …

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