The Astrology Of Orlando Cruz

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The Astrology Of Orlando Cruz. The Astrology of Orlando Cruz is revealing. He became the world’s first openly gay professional boxer in early October. Fittingly, for a Cancer Sun, he came out at the behest of his mother, who said [ Read more…]

Titanic Astrology


o.m.g here we go again, with Titanic 3D, right? It was such a haunting tragedy with so many spooky overtones, I’m officially messed up by any Titanic movie, let alone the ‘ghost’ bit at the end of the James Cameron [ Read more…]

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Moon Wonk


The more sparkling the prospects of the New Moon coming, the darker the Moon beforehand. It’s like how right before a King Tide, the water recedes way out,  leaving rank seaweed draped over glistening skeletons and pre-plundered treasure chests. So [ Read more…]