Born With Mercury Retrograde

Cancer Sagittarius Rising Inspiration

If you are a Cancer with a Sagittarius Ascendant, look no further. This image is a poignant and inspirational example of Cancer Sagittarius Rising. Princess Diana fulfilled a long-held personal ambition by meeting Nelson Mandela at his holiday home in South Africa on March 17, 1997.  Diana was visiting the country privately to see her brother, Charles Spencer.  After an hour long meeting in which he praised the Princess for …

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Helen Gurley Brown Astrology

Sex And The Single Aquarian Girl

Now here is a cool Aquarius woman you may not have heard of. Or, if you know of Helen Gurley-Brown, the founding editor of U.S. Cosmopolitan, you’ve waved her away as insubstantial. But even if you loathe Cosmopolitan magazine on cultural grounds, it was revolutionary when it launched in July 1965. Cosmo took the ‘career girl’ concept mainstream, making it socially acceptable for a female to value her work as …

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Marina Abramovic bottlefeeding tiger cub

The Sagittarius Woman Personality, Amped

Performance Artist Marina Abramovic is an extreme but brilliant example of the Sagittarius woman personality. “…Two days before her BULLETT photo shoot, on a national holiday in Spain, Marina Abramovi? writes an email from her suite at the Tryp Madrid Ambassador Hotel requesting the following items: “1 oversize white men’s button-up shirt, 1 simple large glass of water, 1 white candle, and 1 very sexy man in a tuxedo (whom …

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Frederick Gustavus Burnaby

A Multiple Conjunct Pisces In The Victorian Era

Being a multiple conjunct Pisces is surreal at the best of times. But imagine trying to pull off the undiluted Neptune Vibe in an era as stodgy and repressed as the Victorian era. Frederick Gustavus Burnaby did a damn good job of it though. He had the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Venus and Uranus in Pisces. That sort of a concentration in one sign is called a stellium, and it amplifies …

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