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Ancestor Spirits And Astrology Part Two

A while ago, I posted about ancestral astrology and then how Saturn and the Nodes made late 2018 until April 2020 a strong time for ancestor spirits. One of my aunts has genealogy fever and has found all these photos of my ancestors. This is my great, great grandfather in the late 19th Century. He was a triple Gemini and hey, doesn’t it show? Gemini men have such a look. …

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Resisting Esoteric Superiority Syndrome

Esoteric Superiority Syndrome is real. I only discovered it with this Full Moon, while happily perusing some occult and medical astrology content I normally never look at. One of them was Message of the Stars and another was talking about how the Hindu Ganesha’s rat represents Mercury. As many of you know, these sorts of reading benders spark the most realizations and connections. Magic is real, whether you call it …

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Neptunian Nights

Sample The Ultra-Relaxing Neptunian Nights

The Neptunian Nights Mp3 is the newest in the MM Binaural Beats collection, and it works on multiple levels. Relaxation – as many people are saying, it’s calming enough to serenely zonk out even the most frazzled over-thinker. Dream Enhancement – I don’t know if it is the awareness enhancing Alpha beats or the actual transmissions from Neptune that it features, but Neptunian Nights helps dream recall and awareness. Intuition …

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Brilliant Mystic Specials Alert

Interested in optimizing your vibe? Mind management? Power chill? Enhancing your meditation practice? Even if it is so far an imaginary meditation practice, these Mp3s are super helpful. I’d like to alert you to the new Mystic Specials category in the Shop.  Mega Mystic members automatically get 50% off the Mystic Rants and the Astrology Reports but the Specials is a little zone of extra value aside from that.  It …

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Phoenix with Moon for Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Renewal

Astrological genius manifests in timing and self-knowing. It doesn’t stop consequences dead in their tracks or magic up a million dollars on demand. But to aid your powers, focus, and effort, it is amazing. Brilliant news! Check out possibly the best deal I have ever offered – three products in one for $12. As you may know, Eclipse Season is upon us. It is a particularly intense one, courtesy of …

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Good News About The Astrology Mp3s

It’s so nice to announce fantastic news about the Astrology Mp3s with the Sun/Mercury conjunct (or about to be) in Gemini. As you know, there are instantly downloadable Mp3s on here – the Mystic Rants and the Binaural Beats/Hypno-Beats. The downloads work fine and they also live in your member dashboard if you ever lose one. But previously, people have been unable to download them onto their iPhone or iPad. …

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