Lion Tattoo on Finger

For When You Want To Be More Leo

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Trust a triple Leo model – Cara Delevingne – to have the best Leo sign tattoo. It’s on her index finger, aka the finger of Jupiter, for extra cosmic oomph. If you’re a 20 yr Triple Leo heiress/model with amazing [ Read more…]

astrology body art

Saturn As Tatt?

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Elly – Fuqing Saturn I feel as if i have Saturn tattooed onto my my fuqing backside at the moment (Saturn quincunx natal Saturn, unreal, you’ll love it) but i would not go and literally get the Saturn symbol branded [ Read more…]

Libra tattoo on neck

L’Uomo Libran

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Wow, a Libra tattoo on the back of the neck? It seems crashingly un-Libra. So, would you trust this guy or what?