Heavy Metal Yoga


Lia is one of my lovely subscribers – when i heard what she was doing i wanted to know more and so voila here it is. Metal Yoga seems so super-Uranian and ultra-NOW. This could be the new Bikram people! [ Read more…]


Muscles Are The New Status Symbol

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Money expert Dave Ramsey has a catchphrase for his radio show. It goes something like this: “The paid-off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice.” I like that. Some of the most [ Read more…]

Ernestine Shepherd older fitspiration

A Mars In Gemini Woman Inspiration

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Want a Mars in Gemini woman to inspire you? Meet Ernestine Shepherd, the embodiment of this Mars sign’s brilliance at defying the weight of the years. Ernestine Shepherd turns 77 next Sunday and is a competitive body-builder, marathon runner and trainer. She [ Read more…]

We Are From The Future

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Wow how much – seriously – has our culture been morphing since Uranus got into Aries mid-2010? And for the purposes of this post, i am leaving Pluto in Capricorn, the Zap Zone and associated Global Financial Fuqery right out [ Read more…]

Clear Your Mind Of Can’t


Moon, Mars, Pluto & Eros are all in Capricorn, stimulated by Saturn in Scorpio. Just keep going. Motivation is The Everything at the moment. Guts. Drive. True Grit. Stamina. This sort of drastic astro is when you set your most [ Read more…]