Moon Of Dreams

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Lou Beach Moon Waxing in Scorpio + Neptune newly back into Aquarius + opposing Mercury Retrograde/Void = Powerful Dream Messages, especially regarding the Neptune Era 1997 to April 2011. Yes, Saturn night is subliminal to the max. All the action [ Read more…]

Wave Dreaming

It is a tenet of psychological theory that Water in dreams signifies your emotions, is it not???  So a placid rockpool lit by the sunrise would be totally different psycho reality than dreaming about great big crashing tsunamis, yes?  I [ Read more…]

Pimp My Dream…

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I had the best & most amazing dream! It was that I could hear this scuffling in the ceiling & opened a previously unseen trapdoor thing – in some trepidation, expecting something vile to skitter out – and it was [ Read more…]