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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde And The Orphaned Tags

Mercury Retrograde has multiple manifestations, as you know. That is particularly the case when it’s in Sagittarius, approaching the Mercury of Jimi Hendrix FYI. Psychedelia incoming. Anyway, Tarik and I are doing a site sweep – it is like a digital declutter – and just “evoked” over 1000 “orphaned tags.” They were attached to posts that merged with other posts, were deleted or they are still only drafts.  Here, as …

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This Is The Solstice

Solstice spells are easy when you remember that the time of year does most of the magic for you. And then you are the spell.   “This is the Solstice, the still point of the sun, its cusp and midnight, the years threshold and unlocking, where the past let’s go and becomes the future, the place of caught breath.” Margaret Atwood There is a reason people used to do their …

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At What Age Should You Stop Factoring In “Great Sex?”

At her Uranus Opposition, Hormonal Sea-Goat asks a poignant question. At what age or during what transit should you stop factoring in great sex? Dear Mystic and Mystic Followers, At what age, stage, or transit should you take “great sex” out of an equation? I ask because i am closer to Uranus Opposition than Saturn Return and i am about to have Saturn roll over my multiple Capricorn Sun, Moon …

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Saturn Trine Uranus Is An Authenticity Audit

Saturn Trine Uranus, just before the Time God heads into Capricorn is going to be a brilliant chance to assess your Authenticity levels. This year’s Xmas Gift is going to be Saturn into his home constellation of Capricorn!  Not to freak you out but there are only 22 more weeks of Saturn in Sagittarius! So the Time God has been in Sagittarius – the sign of the Quest, realm of …

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Snakes Day, Dionysus and Saint Patrick

The Saint Patrick snakes were druids, witches, midwives, and pagans. He was particularly adept at the persecution of these innocents and rewarded appropriately. It’s Saint Patrick’s day again – apparently the most popular “drinking festival” in the world. This is actually super apt – for centuries before Patrick was around – this was Dionysus day, the Pagan God of wine, drunken revels, music, and licentious pleasures. Bishop Patrick has always …

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George “Dionysus” Michael

All day Xmas Eve, i had Careless Whisper on my mind. It was of course, the big sentimental 80s hit for George Michael.  The song lingered on my mind SO much, i was (1) googling the lyrics to see if there was anything particularly profound in there and (2) cursing Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn. And now of course, we hear that the musician has passed, peacefully in his sleep. I …

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