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Who Are Your Shadow Selves?

I mention Shadow Selves a lot but have never done an actual post about them. What or, more correctly, who are they? They’re vestiges of your former personae, reflecting stances you no longer hold. They are usually at power levels that you’ve ascended beyond. Shadow Selves are incognito and not officially ‘on the books.’  They’re not malign in intent. In fact, they most often pop up when you’re casting aroundRead More…

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What Is The Best Astrological Timing To Take On A Gigantic Corporation?

What is the best astrological timing to take on a gigantic and corrupt corporation? In situations like this, it is not enough to merely be ‘right.’ The Gemini economist John Maynard Keynes warned that sometimes “the market can stay irrational longer than you stay solvent.”  In David Versus Goliath cases like this “Ask Mystic” query, it is more that the corporation can stay solvent longer than you can remain saneRead More…

Full Moon in Aquarius

An Aquarius Full Moon Moment

Want to hear a surreal, snappy little Aquarius Full Moon anecdote? Here it is. It is SO astrologically apt. Dear Mystic,  I thought you might appreciate this story: I am a Cancerian and during the Eclipse of mid-July, I discovered that my fiance has been cheating on me for months. One month later, I was traveling back home after an extended vacation on the day of the Full Moon inRead More…

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Saturn And The Moon’s Nodes Notes

Ready for some spooky Saturn square insights? I mentioned the passing of Toni Morrison on social media the other night, along with my favorite quote of hers.  But I just found another, and it spookily reminded me of the ongoing Saturn South Node alignment this year. Could she, I wondered, have had natal Saturn conjunct the South Node? No, but she had the Time God in square aspect to herRead More…

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Mercury Retrograde Shadow Realizations

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Realizations are happening right now. It’s the best bit of any Mercury Retro. The Trickster turns Full Magician, decrypting puzzling emotions, and inspiring high-level bibliomancy. Classic bibliomancy is when you open a book and choose a paragraph at random; it’s like an Oracle. But with this mercurial magic at work, you don’t even need to do that. The insight or pertinent quote you need comes to you.Read More…

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Venus In Leo Trine Jupiter In Sagittarius Style

When you have natal Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, your sense of style and creativity is automatically amplified to support maximal living. Even the most minor aesthetic or artistic impulse tornadoes up into something sensational. Here are some fantastic examples of the genre.  Above, Yves Saint Laurent at work. Below Anya Rubik modeling an ultra-Leo cape. Not every Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius person needs toRead More…

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