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Sherlock Holmes: A Capricorn?


Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes I admit it. I’ve never read Sherlock Holmes books & don’t want to see this movie because (weirdly, according to people i know) Guy Ritchie films don’t resonate. Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle himself [ Read more…]

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The House Where You Have Aries

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Out of all the astrology houses, Aries is the most bombastic and well, hot. The house of your zodiac chart where you have Aries is happening. It is where you’re defiantly positive no matter what. You’re blunt, easily offended and [ Read more…]

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Aries People Dote On Noise

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Aries people “dote on noise,” said Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire. Given that the play was written by Tennesse Williams, an Aries, perhaps it’s true. BLANCHE: Stanley! What sign were you born under? STANLEY: What sign? BLANCHE: Astrological sign. [ Read more…]