Libran Bees

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Science Daily is saying scientists are mystified by this unusual behaviour on the part of middle-Eastern bees but i just think they’re Libran bees. “In a rare coincidence, researchers working in both Turkey and Iran discovered on the same day [ Read more…]

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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“You are the heart, the raven, the coyote, the monkey king of China, the Hermes of Classical Greece. You are the agent provocateur, the liar, the cheat, the thief, the gambler, the eroticist, the f**k-it-all malcontent that makes it all [ Read more…]

Venus Into Leo!

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And, just as Mars-Pluto becomes exact, Venus sashays into Leo…The Love-Goddess will linger in Leo  until September 20…You could see her transit through this sign as a mini-prequel of what’s in store when Mars spends eight months in Leo from [ Read more…]