Every Virgo comes equipped with a super-power called Virgo Vision. The only disadvantage is that they cannot turn it off. They’re always on auto-scan for nuance and detail to feed into their vast Pattern Recognition Matrix. From Mary Shelley’s ahead-of-her-time genius to the confessions of a particularly observant Virgo Pilates Instructor, upgrade your Virgo knowledge base.

older cheerleader

Virgo Does Vengeance

“…When Laura Vikmanis’ husband ran off with a younger woman, the 39-year-old knew she needed something to cheer herself up. As she sat during the interval of a Cincinnati Bengals American football game watching the leaps and twirls of the …

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Lauren Bacall Red Cross World War II

So Absolutely Virgo

Lauren Bacall looks so absolutely Virgo here.  The cool, details-appraising gaze, the composure.  Even the “nurse” theme is tres Virgo.  There is a touch of the Nurse Archetype in every Virgo, don’t you think?  And has anyone in a relationship …

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