Every Virgo comes equipped with a super-power called Virgo Vision. The only disadvantage is that they cannot turn it off. They’re always on auto-scan for nuance and detail to feed into their vast Pattern Recognition Matrix. From Mary Shelley’s ahead-of-her-time genius to the confessions of a particularly observant Virgo Pilates Instructor, upgrade your Virgo knowledge base.

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Virgo In 2021, 2022 And Beyond

Future Virgo is looking fab. The forecast is good. Of course, being under-hyped and over-worked, you're averse to flowery raves. You want the laboratory soil analysis. Last year's pandemic tapped the Virgoan motherlode of freak-outs: contagion concerns, disrupted workflows, conflicting info, and the very real sense of rank inefficiency from several quarters. Who wouldn't have hypochondriac googled? Or zig-zagged back into the realm of past pleasures? Still, there are some …

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Venus, Uranus And The Virgo ‘Lady Outlaw’

“No sponging, no dobbing, no prostitution…”* This was the personal credo of Australian “lady bushranger” Jessie Hickman. She was known for her dramatic escape moves (escaping from a locked toilet on a moving train, jumping off cliffs to swim away, etc) and daring heists (such as stealing cattle from the police holding yard). There have been numerous movies and other accounts of the male bushrangers – Ned Kelly in particular …

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Mop Cleaning With The Most Virgo Woman In The World

The American television personality and celebrity cook Rachael Ray is the most Virgo woman on the planet. She has – wait for it – the Sun, Ascendant, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Pluto, and Uranus in Virgo. Her Leo husband, fortunately, has Venus, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo.  Hyperbolically Virgo people are his thing. RR says on her rare days off she writes and then cleans until she crashes with fatigue. …

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My Astrological Interview With Glynnis MacNicol

Glynnis MacNicol is in my top ten all-time fave authors list and it is all because of her memoir No One Tells You This.  Beautifully written, it’s probably got the most resonance if you’re female and single. But really, she speaks to anyone who realizes that they’ve become self-defining. No One Tells You This starts with the author’s 40th birthday – yes, it is a Uranus Opposition memoir! Amid a …

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It’s International Virgo Month!

Welcome to International Virgo Month! I’m releasing a special Virgo Gift Bundle in a few days so, if you’re gifting an exacting Virgo, stand by. And, in the meantime, these are my fave posts from the Virgo category: Is Astraea The Star Maiden The Real Ruler Of Virgo?  The Number One Virgo Personality Trait Golden Era Hollywood Actor + Swedish Icon Ingrid Bergman Was Ultra Virgo The Tao Of Virgo, …

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Virgo Rising

Virgo Rising And Sun In Virgo Vision

Virgo Vision is most acute in Virgo Rising and Sun in Virgo people. Sure, Moon in Virgo and other planetary placements in this sign have the V.V., but it’s an optional upgrade. But when the Sun or Ascendant is in Virgo, it’s a built-in feature. They couldn’t turn it off if they tried. So what is Virgo Vision? It’s a penetrating style of seeing the world, people and situations. People …

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