Virgo Grace

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This by the Beat poet Richard Brautigan – multiple Aquarius – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and North Node.  I am not sure who the Virgo “Hilda” was but it’s kind of funky. Arguably THIS is his best-known poem. MOUTHS THAT [ Read more…]

The Virgo Voodoo Queen

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Her life was a brazen blur of the craft, publicity stunts and enterprising vim beyond the then norm for women but a few things are clear about Marie Laveau, the reigning “Voodoo Queen” of New Orleans in the early 19th [ Read more…]

Future Virgo Mp3 is Live

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Hey Subscriber-Peeps, pay what you want for Future Virgo! It’s relevant for Virgo, Virgo Rising and the people who love them. It’s live and ready for instant download now. See it on the “pay what you want” page along with [ Read more…]