Taurus people hate complex dialogue or solutions when food, sex or money would work just as easily. Sound familiar? Browse dozens of posts on this sensual, nature attuned and grounded Sun Sign. Just don’t touch their stuff. From the Stoic Emperor Marcus Aurelius to Dennis Rodman stealing a 400-pound amethyst crystal, raise your awareness of Taurus.

Cary Grant in Jail Katherine Hepburn nonchalant, smoking

Katherine Hepburn: Uber Taurus

It is the birthday of Katherine Hepburn. She was a Multiple Conjunct Taurus – Sun, Moon and Mercury – with Scorpio Rising. Venus in Aries and in the 6th House.   Note ornery Taurean stubborness and how Venus-in-Aries is independent trailblazer, shunning marriage to be mistress to Spencer Tracy… Taurus with Scorp Rising is sooo fixed. So sensual. “She was obsessed with flowers. She couldn’t relax unless fresh flowers were …

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Lee Miller modelling

Beautiful Taurean Surrealist

Today is the birthday of Lee Miller, the Vogue covermodel turned intern & Muse to peeps such as Man Ray & Jean Cocteau to surrealist photographer and then genius photojournalist. Her early life was horrid. She was raped by a family friend and contracted a vile venereal disease:  “I looked like an angel but I was a fiend inside.”  She was one of the first photographers to document the horrors …

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