Taurus people hate complex dialogue or solutions when food, sex or money would work just as easily. Sound familiar? Browse dozens of posts on this sensual, nature attuned and grounded Sun Sign. Just don’t touch their stuff. From the Stoic Emperor Marcus Aurelius to Dennis Rodman stealing a 400-pound amethyst crystal, raise your awareness of Taurus.

Megan Fox carrying book - The Idiots Guide To Palm Reading

Megan Fox Is So Moon Square Mercury

Believe it or not, the actor Megan Fox is a fab example of Moon square Mercury. Her Moon is in Leo and it squares Mercury in Taurus.  When you have a square like this, you can contradict yourself mid-conversation. Your transmission can be out of sync with your psyche. In the case of Fox, it is a bit like Mercury in Taurus saying “leave me alone” and Moon in Leo …

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Taurus Shows Love Via Giving You Music

 Taurus people care deeply about the soundscape to their life. And yes, they judge you if you don’t care. You know they love you when they give you music. Taurus Musical Taste is obviously insanely varied but they’re all music snobs.  I am rarely nostalgic but today I was recalling a Taurus I dated yonks ago. The reason? I was scanning my gym playlist & realized it’s become even more …

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Liberace Made It Big

The Taurus artist Liberace was classic Jupiter Pluto conjunct. For several decades, he was the highest paid entertainer on Earth. Jupiter conjunct Pluto is the wealth signature of astrology. Any aspect of these two = riches. But the conjunction is the strongest. His Venus was also a part of the conjunction, making for a stellium. He was an archetypal Venus Person. His love of jewels, capes, and gilded decor was legendary. …

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Casey Legler – Uranian At Large

I love this chick  – Artist, French, Olympian Swimmer & now the first female model to work exclusively as a male model. I mean, what’s not to like? She’s Taurus – with a tight conjunction of Chiron, Sun & Mercury Retrograde opposite Uranus in Scorpio. Perfect for a spot of gender bending. Plus she has Retro Venus in Aries (!) AND Moon-Saturn in Leo – that last bit is genius. …

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Grace Jones Hula Hoop

Grace Does Jupiter

I’m not a Royalist so only just realized that Grace Jones performed at the Diamond Jubilee. Way to go at 64, yes? She had her 2nd Saturn Return (they come every 29 years approximately) a few years ago and the DAY she did Slave To The Rhythm in front of the Royal Family + millions was Jupiter on her Taurus Sun.  So awesome. She’s got an enduringly awesome Saturn-Pluto in …

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