Is My Taurus Dad A Shaman?

Mystic answers a Mystical Virgo who is wondering whether her seemingly down-to-earth Taurus Dad is a Witch! Or, a Shaman?

Dear Mystic,

My Dad is a Taurus. He was born 27/04/1935. He is a very practical no-nonsense sort of man; stubborn, a staunch atheist and a teetotaller. He likes food, Johnny Cash music, and woodwork. In classic Taurus style, he is a bit of a hoarder. He is a schoolteacher of fine reputation (now retired) and very good at teaching maths. His pupils adored him. 

Imagine my surprise when during one of my Dark-Moon tidy-ups, I unearthed three very unusual objects in his study:

-A pack of divining cards, with perfectly geometric hand-painted stars on them and writing clearly in his hand. So he painstakingly hand-made his own set of magic cards!

-A teacup and saucer marked with astrological and mystical symbols, possibly used for tea-leaf reading or other sorts of divination?

-Strangest of all…a kind of “magic stick”, consisting of a chunk of petrified wood mounted on a carved bone handle, painted with mysterious little glyphs and symbols.

When I asked him about the items, all he would say about the cards was “Yes I made those” and the “magic stick” he explained as “something he made as a kid”. Looking at it, it is incredibly intricate and does not look like the product of a kid mucking around. I mean, it has cuts in it. What kid knows how to use a bone saw?

A Taurus Dad With A Sigil-Engraved Magic Stick?

The teacup he said, “belonged to his mother”. She was Scottish and had one blue eye and one green eye. I am not sure, but there is a little talk in the family about her having been “gifted” or having gypsy blood or something, but he refuses to talk about it.

So I am thinking Dad maybe has a hidden mystical side? If so, it might explain why when he was briefly dabbling in pottery, he painted perfect copies of Neanderthal cave paintings on porcelain. I thought it was just an appreciation of Neanderthal art, but maybe there was a deeper connection? A lot of those paintings featured bulls which are very Taurean, yes?

Anyway thought this might interest you. Here are some pics of the items.


The Mystical Virgo

When Your Father Is A Uranian Witch

Dear Mystical Virgo,

WOW! What a cool Taurus dad and the symbols on the magic stick (picture not posted by request, due to possible bad juju – i agree) are SIGILS.   I mean, seriously, he made this as a kid? ON WHAT PLANET?   You could Google-image search them if you wanted to find out which supernatural entity is attached to which one. Sigils are old magic, with each one actually said to summon…something. An entity. Angel. Demon. Nature Spirit. To BE it. You don’t dabble in them as a hobby i.m.o.

He has Uranus conjunct his Taurus Sun/Mercury and the Moon in Aquarius.  So he’s Uranian and they’re full of surprises. He’s also got Mars square Pluto so good luck extracting any info he doesn’t want to share lol.   Super-impressive though. Lucky you.

What does everyone else think of Witch-Dad?

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  1. Witch Dad sounds fabulous and fascinating, but did anyone ask him if he wanted even passing details of his practice published on a blog? It doesn’t really sound like he would have, and with Witches particularly it’s often good to check into that first.

    1. Yes, that aspect of it was addressed but I did not put it in the blog post as it would have slowed down the flow of Mystical Virgo’s question/anecdote

  2. Oh I want a witch dad!! Actually…any type of dad would be cool at this stage. I really, really liked this post. The items, the mystery, the intrigue, the stubborn Taurean dad not spilling his secrets. I have a parental astro question/rant of my own, namely: “When your mother’s a love zombie”. I think we need a support group for kids of love zombie parents. It’s annoying when you’re an adult but the absolute pits when you’re a kid/teen. I also wonder if the love zombie gene can be passed on. I hope it’s not hereditary?

  3. All of us born then – in the 30’s – became hoarders – no one liked to WASTE things. Sun conj. merc looks like the precise maths connection. I like to think the venus square neptune brought some artistic inspiration. If he was ever accused of daydreaming, it was not true – he was just getting ‘messages ‘. Nice to see his mother had the ‘gift ‘, passed it on to him, who probably passed it on to YOU. Lovely.

  4. The Mystical Virgo

    Wow, such insightful comments!
    Interesting to hear from other Taureans that they keep their mystical side on the Low-Down when out in society.

    I guess there is a stereotype that magical folk wave incense and wear robes, so it’s awesome that people here see a connection with Maths and that you can still be conservatively dressed and be a witch.

    My dad didn’t grow up in America, but 1950s Australia wasn’t exactly a free-thinking place either.

    1. LOL Astrology is mostly math. I remember using a slide rule to calculate my first chart. I was only about 10 years old and had to learn how to do linear interpolation to get the exact positions of planets between the listed times in the ephemeris.

      A skeptic once asked me what I do when I read tarot. He asked me if I was overtaken by an otherworldly spirit or something. I said no, it’s just me thinking about the symbols on the cards and making connections between them, it feels more like solving multivariate calculus equations. Oddly enough, that night I disproved my own theory, I was doing a reading and the sitter got interrupted with a phone call. I had to stop the reading in the middle, just as I was getting to the good parts. Suddenly I felt like I was on fire, I became conscious of a vortex of energy and I was in the middle of it. So much for calculus! I guess I really am channeling something. Oh well, it’s like my card teacher told me, I have great mystical powers, but I just don’t believe in mystical powers.

      Anyway, as a Taurus, you would probably not suspect I am an occultist just by looking at me (even if I do wear far too much black). Lately people say I have an “intense” vibe and I have no idea what they mean. But they are obviously picking up on something.

  5. Exciting.. I love the dish most of all. It is too bad your Dad won’t go into detail about these items and his Mother. I am sure you have some mystical touches as well. It looks like you didn’t get to see your Grandmother that much and has passed, I am sorry if that is the case. Try and tap into your Grandmother’s energy to see if she can send you some information.

    Very powerful stuff! Good luck!

  6. I have known some truly mystical Toros. It is as natural and matter of fact to them as common sense, and not to be discussed as discussions tend to fluffy. They always made me wonder if it is just natural earth knowledge, cosmos stuff. I knew them when I was a teen and, like Mystic, got into astro pre-teen so i knew they were Taurus.

    I also believe a Bull tried to put the evil eye on me. It’s her culture. I remain convinced she would do such a thing, and she gave me creepy creepy vibes. I could feel her behind me in a crowded stairwell or corridor every time. She talked like she was trying to cast spells, and she was that heavy and persistent, i had to mentally use a sword on her.

    For better or worse, never underestimate a Taurean.

  7. my dearly loved Taurean father was born
    28/4/35, very early the day after yours so still with the Aquarian moon. He was a very funny man, intelligent, curious, with heaps of integrity, much loved by family and friends and co workers, sadly died too early, early 30 yrs ago when i was 19..

    So i never got to ask him about his CArlos Castaneda books (Mexican shamanism), ALdous Huxley books etc also he used to carve handles out of wood in his spare time, and he sketched well. Touch of the shaman about him, he taught me a LOT

  8. There is a mystical side to mathematics- and it was the language if the ancients- before academic specialization, most savvy,respected peeps were genius in math.

    My Gem/Aqua moon bf was atheist and into Zen- taught math and saw auras. Arrogant but sensitive. LOL!

    Being Toro it makes sense that your dad has a medium- a stick. How cool!!!! My Irish aunt had “The Sight”. Remember in the States McCarthyism- being on the radar meant ruin for so many- a label of Commie Pinko Degenerate could ensue. Creativity was seen as dangerous- especially for men- never mind divining! Folk got locked up and treated with ECT. Evil times.

    So cool -maybe over time your dad will open up- ask him to help you make a stick like he’s got? The. It’s about the product not the magic. Great stuff!

    1. Yes, mathematics was not the opposite of occult knowledge.

      Wasn’t The Crucible written about the McCarthy era? The ignorant and fallacious hysterical argument of the ‘witch hunters’ is strongly highlighted in that play.

      1. astro is basically maths, right?

        ps. Mystical Virgo, your Dad sounds amazing, that cup is the bomb.

  9. I agree with everyone about how rare and special a father he is. Sounds like he has been cooking up or attracting good magic over the years to look after his students (very Hogwarts) and you especially. Seems like no coincidence that you are thinking about this stuff and the connections, but I would respect his privacy in these matters.

  10. What a juicy collection! He sounds very creative, I love his tactile sense in making his own cards and painting them.

    And the bull theme! Very cool.
    I went through a Minotaur, Mary Renault, Bull From the Sea, time in my late teens, early 20’s where I painted bulls a lot.
    I don’t know if that is an analogy for finding the inner self, the deep fears within the labyrinth of the mind? Or you know, sexual potency, too.

    Freud was a Toro, he was a practical man and I am reading a book by Temple Grandin who says he was very interested in biology and neuropathology and he said that all things psychological would at some point have an explanation in biological sense also but the ability to test these things was beyond the technology of the time.

    So I can imagine a Taurus man embracing all these ideas and then going back to traditional science in that same manner like it sounds like your dad has.
    The cup is adorable! What a fabulous family heirloom.

  11. surely he would have inherited his mother’s gifts. picked up a few things along the way too perhaps. Growing up in the 40s-50s (USA?) may have meant the typical norms expected of a man took precedence, and being a stable and intelligent toro he stuck with the road more travelled. But Aqua being the Teacher and him having aqua moon and uranus-sun, also is cool imo. xx

  12. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    Hah! Well, this is familiar. I put up an uber-rational facade and really feel people out before I divulge my Jungian/astrological leanings. I fear it will muddle the more “rational” *cough* opinions I have and I already have enough friction in the world.

    I think lots of Toros have a secret inner world they keep from most or don’t bother to tell anyone about because the *results* or *applicable conclusions* of the results seep into the public persona.

    This is super cool. Really enjoyed this post.
    Also: Toros downplay anything that is not practical or they feel they may be judged on. So emphasize that you think his hobbies/interests are awesome/intelligent/not-cuckoo and maybe he’ll be more open about the whole thing. 😉

    1. Not so much Toros – everyone has the gift BUT most people bury it very deep – perhaps for a lifetime – they are really scared of the unknown.

      1. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

        Definitely agree but more stoic signs (Toros, Caps) may be less prone to acknowledging it publicly than, say…Pisces, Aquas…

        I do like the idea of Toro shamans a lot though. 😀 Besides it being unexpected Toros are linked to The Hierophant card, universal wisdom flowing through the individual…

      2. You would NEVER catch this Piscean divulging anything of the sort publicly (except here, of course). I strongly discourage convos on occult topics, and use my well-known sarcastic cynicism to deflect prying qs as irrational silliness.

        I confess it is mostly impatience with superficial ignorant dabblers and paranoid conspiracy theorists.

        However, I would LOVE to meet a true blue Raelian!

  13. Domestic Triffid

    My red headed Paternal Grandmother had one blue eye and one green eye. She was a witch…..

    Also, I want that tea cup !!

    Also, your Dad definitely has the Gift – question is – do you ?

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