Taurus people hate complex dialogue or solutions when food, sex or money would work just as easily. Sound familiar? Browse dozens of posts on this sensual, nature attuned and grounded Sun Sign. Just don’t touch their stuff. From the Stoic Emperor Marcus Aurelius to Dennis Rodman stealing a 400-pound amethyst crystal, raise your awareness of Taurus.

Dennis Rodman headline

Dennis Rodman Is Doing His Taurus

  Dennis Rodman is just doing his Taurus. This story is very Now, and it makes absolute sense. The retired pro basketball player turned aspirant diplomat is a Taurus. Of course, he’s running around trying to steal giant crystals. And amethyst is, as outlined here, kind of special. It’s obviously absurd and, this Earth Era needs metal, not more rocks. But still, there is something SO Taurus about this Dennis Rodman …

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Taurus Sun Gemini Moon

A Taurus Sun Gemini Moon Takes Her Ideal Trip

The Perfect Trip For A Taurus Sun Gemini Moon Person. Dear Mystic Just listened to your retro Mars rant and am super excited. In July I’m walking Brigid’s Way, a newly uncovered ancient pilgrim walk in Ireland, honoring the Irish goddess /Saint Brigid. Its thought to follow the Cygnus constellation, which was a prominent constellation in the skies in ancient times. I’m Taurus Sun Gemini Moon and also have Gemini …

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Uranus In Taurus For Taurus People

Uranus In Taurus For Taurus Is The Greener Pasture Yes, it’s here. The greener pasture. The radical reset forces of the Future God as your core influencer. Uranus in Taurus from 2018 until 2025 is a trip of transcendental awareness and drastic morphs around money & ecology, Taurus being the sign of money, Wall St and all.  Values you’ve had to go underground with for years are about to become …

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high fashion shoot with model in matte white face powder and baggy beige clothes watching television

Should Taurus People Stay Off Social Media?

The archetypal Taurus personality traits are not compatible with social media, as this advice-seeker has discovered. Should Taurus stay off social media? Get my answers and the always pertinent thoughts of the commenters. Dearest loveliest Mystic, Have you ever considered how social media is both a blessing and a curse for us Taureans? We get to socialize from a distance and still enjoy our luxuries while we slog on the …

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Taurus Sun Libra Rising

Taurus Sun, Libra Rising And Pink Hair

  A Taurus Sun Libra Rising woman has questions about Venus Retrograde, the change itch, pink hair, and Repetition Mating Syndrome. Dear Mystic, When does Venus go direct already?! I mean sheesh! As a Libra with Taurus rising the idea of Venus being retrograde irks me!  It is my double ruler, no? I have been wanting to dye my hair for months. Finally, I got up the courage to bleach it …

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