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Scorping out? Me too. Mercury is about to join the Sun, Venus, Circe and the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio.

You can thank the latter influence for any sudden onset deep dives into esoteric history or the more labyrinthine zones of your past. Destiny insights are the new dopamine hit.

Refresh your Scorpological knowledge with the six most popular posts about Scorpio, below. If you are an actual Scorpio, you’re probably too busy in your alchemy lab or situation room but yes, even you may find something useful in one of them.

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Dig the super-slick graphic links. Scorp moon here.


Loving this line-up in Scorp.I may only have the Moon/Neptune (very tight conjunction) in Scorpio but She aspects pretty much my entire chart. And now Ms Venus is there adding her charm & extra mystique. And some of my best friends have their Sun on my moon. Its in my 10th house and I’m prepping my Book (Cyberpunk/post Apocalyptic/dark urban fantasy) launch (hello Mercury coming off my MC). the Launch will be on the New Moon in Sag & seriously the line up on that day is a dream. Jupiter just turns direct as well & in my 11th house and there is the last part of the Scorpio moon at dawn before she enters Sag.


inspirational! πŸ’«


Happy Holy Eve or Beltane to those who know it’s meaning.
Visual media is plugging the horror movies so found the MIDNIGHT CLUB on Netflix.
Terminal youths in a lovely old house start to contact via rituals in the secret basement the 5 Goddess of Healing, Hygea, Iasos, Panacea and i can’t remember the names of others.
Some of the story line approaches the choices of natural remedies vis a vis medical ones.
Clue, natural ones are witchy.
Super appropriate halloween subtle but deeply scaring, talented actors, pretty people cool taste in apparel and well chosen soundtrack.
10 episodes.
Disclaimer: just an opinion not an advertisment πŸ™‚


After the age of 12 years went to live with my Scorpio mother born on Friday the 13th.
Wore a Star of David, a crucifix, & an ‘M’ 13th letter of alphabet & her initial.
Would loved to have had her DOB but will do some Scorping on Astrodienst for date & year for some insights. Or not i think, keep the mystery.
She was way ahead of her time & a man magnet extraordinaire with SECRETS.
The prototype Scorpio had a template Saggittaire. It was a comedy-tragedy of complete opposites with a deep connection with an air of unrequited love hovering always.
Pronouncements were made about certain world issues that were prophetic.
Guess that came from listening to business men over scotch on the rocks with Frank Sinatra playing in the background :-).
Think our Scorps can do Glamour in either a very overstated or subversively understated way.

Wish Upon a Star

I’ve just checked the astro and Mercury has gone into Scorpio. Scorpio’s will power is showing up with my determination today to improve my well being. Well I have Diabetes 2.
I have been doing all the wrong things and I know it. But started today I am making gradual changes to my diet. The internet fairies were helping this Venus in Cancer babe.

Showing posts telling me to do it gradually. Bad carbs are out first, then good carbs, etc, etc. Did you know that the brain needs 130 g of carbs spread evenly over the day to function. Otherwise you get really hangry and cortisol etc levels rise.

I haven’t done this sort of goal setting since I don’t know when. I wonder if it has anything to do with my Taurus/Scorpio north/south node? My Venus Cazmizi is in Scorpio. And apparently that era is ending.

Some kind soul posted a video in a Venus post recently on this. I watched bits today. I am going to watch the whole thing now.


Hey Girrrl, SELF LOVE. Give it to yourself in bucketloads loads starting right now!
You owe it to the sacred body, (the one that’s not in your face so to speak) but the one that needs respect and self care to be happy.

Remember the old hippy mantra You Are What You Eat, well that produced a lot of funny comebacks, but it has legs, that is, it’s true.


Wish Upon a Star

I’m just reading this after I just booked my first appointment with an excercise physiologist and dietician.

Synchronicity hey. Thanks for your kind words. Sacred body. I need this today.

Much love !


Wish Upon a Star

I think I am Scorping out a bit too much.
Had a dream last night. I was hiding in a toilet. I was hiding from Demi Moore. I know she is a Scorpio. She was being a bully and she had her period.

Then she found me. I unlocked the toilet and let her in. She started bullying me. She was ranting.

So I flushed her down the toilet.


Good job. X


Down the dunny for Demi!


For bullies at least πŸ™‚

Wish Upon a Star

These are good questions Mystic. Obviously the dream was alot more complex then I described. With strong Symbols: blood = divine feminine. And nuances that I just absorb and process.

I like Demi Moore she has fierceness and courage I admire. If anything she is my alter ego. Something I aspire to. A strong, female archetype.

The abuse and ranting is the hangover trauma from my old male, neighbor who I am far away from.

Your questions lead me to the question. Have I tangled up my strong feminine with this trauma and flushed it away. Throwing the baby out with the bath water so to speak.

So thank you Mystic. I will meditate on this and see what transpires.


always nice to read abt oneself,lol
this does seem a particularly scorpy scorp season…the xonvos and blasts from the pasts…phew what an eclipse vortex πŸ¦‚πŸ¦‚πŸ¦‚


Happy Solar Return πŸ™‚
We do love out Scorps, their loyalty is amazing!

Wish Upon a Star

Happy Birthday to you !



thankyou-its two wks today πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‚

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