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This Scorpio has created a super inspirational astrology calendar and planner using the data from the Mystic Medusa Moon Calendar + her goal stalking genius.

Dear Mystic,

My Mead Planner has a monthly calendar which I use for scheduling. I “red” out when I expect my moon cycle and “black” out the dark moon so I remember to go lighter on those days. Then I have the weekly planner which I use to make sure I check off all my most important habits I am doing every day (no days off), and that becomes my “Have Done” list. If that includes a ritual, I write what it is and my intent.

Each week I put on the top right corner where the Sun and inner planets will be and any notes about that, and on the inner left corner, I am listing aspects Jupiter is making to my natal planets. On the top, I’ve listed the theme for the week to keep me focused. On each day I put the moon sign, I go to the Moon Calendar and input $$$$ days and mate-date days (heart around the date). Often I put planetary sign changes, LUNAR PORTALS if I know I’ll be up, other unique keywords, and omens. 

The magic starts to happen with my excel spreadsheet that my Aries biz coach helped me set up to keep track of my business goals and all the micro-tasks involved with each role I play in life. It captures the holistic experience of being a woman, in my opinion, in a structured, linear way. Role #1 is me as an individual, and then I have a whole sheet devoted to my self-dev. Well, I invite you to check it out. I think you’ll appreciate it. And recognize a lot of your language.

I’ve been tweaking my system for over a year now and with Jupiter now in Scorpio it’s like, CLICK, everything’s working flawlessly. You inspire me so much, and I was so excited to see that you were into this!!! I hope you get a kick out of it 😀

An Astrology Calendar, Book Of Shadows And Goal Stalker All In One

This Scorpio wimmyn (yes, speaking of Seventies feminism, i am reviving “wimmyn”) was in the Comments a few weeks back, speaking of her Book Of Shadows/Planner combo. I love this, so I asked for more.

A book of shadows is where you write your dream recollections, astrology theories or key horoscope themes, intuitive flashes and notes on planets, herbs, intentions, and so on.  A planner is, well, obviously how you plan things — blending them? Genius. And as our Scorpio organizer here illustrates, both digital and hand-written have their advantages.

I make copious notes on my phone which my Cloud set-up keeps emailing me at random times, It was super-annoying, but now i am going with it as an outbreak of synchronicity. And i also scrawl in Rhodia books and pads (the orange ones with the yellow pages) in a style of hand-writing so arcane that is sometimes indecipherable to even me. Lists empower me. I am assuming it’s a Mars in Virgo thing.

I want to do a product called Mars in Virgo Goal Stalker. It would be a drone that hovers alongside you, and you could dismiss tasks or clutter with the wave of a hand.

Does anyone else do their own astrology calendar like this?


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  1. Ooh, I read this post when it came out and I just purchased today the perfect mix from an Australian brand – Milligram. It’s part notebook part agenda/diary and conveniently has the Australian moon phases noted (key point for me, saves writing them in like this year). Looking forward to better integrating my practice with practicality next year (Venus in Virgo, hello!)

  2. Oh my goodness this is porn for my Mars in Virgo!! I absolutely love this. I’ve been using a Filofax in the last five years but for some reason I can’t ever get properly organised with it and it’s become a huge repository for all the bits of paper I don’t know what to do with.
    I can’t do a digital diary, I need paper and pen, so I will defo look into this. I also love the concept of goal stalking. I really need to get my merde together in this department. My mind badly needs something to focus on besides my failures.

  3. This is giving me so much life! I like to track astro things in my bullet journal as well. I mark when the full & new moons are as well as transits & anything else I think will be significant to me. I also try to tease out a theme & design the layout around that. Ever since Saturn has been in Sagittarius, I have found that many problems can be solved via a spreadsheet. I am going to incorporate some of this Scorpio’s methods into my bullet journal/Google Sheets this weekend though. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. ahh!!! brilliant. i struggle with planning consistently and have always tried to merge planning with astrological things and have had a few good ideas here and there that i stick to for like a fortnight. right now i have made a spreadsheet which for the past week has been working great but i have nothing astro. i really really like all of this, thanks for sharing in such detail!

  5. Wemoon publish an astrological diary. Very good indeed. At first my reaction was no! To the planner/book of shadows but I now think that’s my rebellious streak. Decide to do something then rebel against myself. But now I really want to get focused and get my writing done. No excuses. By the way Mystic Medusa when I have been a subscriber I had problem s seeing the scheduler. I would see the intro bit but then the rest was blank? I do use my phone for internet x food for thought, love this planning idea

  6. Wow…I LOVE that they used a paper planner, too! I am basically doing the same (stationary fetish meets orga obsession), but even I am very much impressed and inspired by this meticuluousness

  7. Oh I am a big fan of this! I recently started a bullet journal (v interesting that my Libra rising November horoscope mentions usually not wanting to be seen to be striving and getting over that now because that = this to me) and I’m absolutely going to steal some of these pointers! Inspirational.

  8. I would love a monthly section in a planner – with all the moon cycle stuff baked in. I have been trawling those calendar pop-up shops for a few years now when they appear in shopping centres for an astro desk calendar thing – you know like “1001 places to go before you die” daily inspo quotes – small enough to have on desk all year w not-naff guidance and imagery … and if something amaze crops up i would tear out of said calendar and glue into said notebook planner and it would inspire me. Digital organisation is lovely and helpful too but paper feed my jupiter sun and mercury rising….

  9. I like the idea of a planner but I think I’m too mutable..the structure of a day job is the most I can do. I make lists on my phone and have intense Scorpionic plots of course but they are usually scattered between my note app and several analog notebooks. Actually I’m realizing my system is note app for actionable lists/ daily things and notebooks are for long term clarity/ manifestation lists/ growing and sketching ideas. I do like the idea of having all the astro info right there on paper though

  10. I’m in the OMG NO! camp.
    I do keep a diary for work appointments and it has a couple of must do very time sensitive things that I need a prompt for as I’d more cheerfully forget that I have to do them but for the rest of my life I never ever ‘should’ or ‘must’ Things just happen of their own accord and I like to be present in the now letting the universe drive I as experience the ride. It’s also seen in my dislike of taking photos. Not that I don’t like photos but it becomes the now and breaks my experience of whatever it is that I’m enjoying. I’d loath that level of pushing and prompting in my life. Shudder.

      1. I’m the same emg. I find that level of organisation impressive but not for me. Dark Star – I’d so love for MM to do a post of Iggy Pop’s astro. I ADORE him. I love his BBC 6 show too, he’s not just a pretty face (going to hell!).

    1. Well the backstory behind this is that I’m a home organizer in business for myself for just over a year and now (Jupiter in Scorpio) its time to expand. I’ve taken on all kinds of clients in the past year in the name of being open minded and getting experience and some have jived for me more than others. I had planned to do this during the Pisces moon (rules my 6th house) but this week was an absolute shitshow so it didn’t happen…I think it will make more sense after the new moon in Scorpio anyway (rules my 2nd house). So that’s the timing piece. How I intend to do the ritual is to first meditate, and smudge the space with sage or palo santo to make sure I don’t have any yucky energy around while I do it. Next I set the intention to manifest my ideal clients. Then I write down a list – stated in the positive – of the qualities that my ideal clients will have, based on the data I’ve collected over the past year on what does and doesn’t work for me and the vision I have for my business. Then I feel in my body how I would feel when I contract with these clients, and how I would feel when I successfully complete projects with them. And of course I thank the powers that be. After I’ll put the list somewhere I can see it every day, haven’t gotten that far yet…

    1. It’s good to schedule and plan but sometimes the best stuff happens by chance, accident or serendipity. Be open and pay attention when you’re out in the world. Also to your soul and intuition xx

      1. I did go check out the We’Moon calendars … on paper. The spreadsheet put me over the edge.
        My last job was spreadsheet happy/hades.

    2. Never compare!! Hehe x We all find our happy place in our own way. For me, the only place that Microsoft excel has in my personal life these days is managing personal finances. Otherwise it makes my skin crawl. I guess that’s work data management ptsd haha haha.

      I use a combo of notebook for e.g. tarot analysis and riffing on an I ching reading, quotes, epic multi page scrawls of discovery etc, poetry whatever. Also a hard copy diary for life management – I can’t stand digital diaries unless I need the reminder alert – bird’s eye, tactile information girl here. Give me year to a view or forget it hahaha
      Will see what 2018 brings though.

    3. NOOOO. Please do not feel that way. You are not! This took me over a year. And I’m an organizing consultant! Different things work for different people, you do what feels right for you and forget the rest. – Scorpio writer

  11. There is a moon calendar diary published by Moon Diaries from Bellingen, too. Has the moon phases and equinoxes / pagan dates included. Really good especially if you are in the city and light pollution or the pace of life disconnects you a little from the moon and her phases.

  12. Scorpio with Virgo, no doubt.

    Love the mixed media mundane/arcane – we should all strive to integrate a little more daily magick like this ! <3

    1. Scorpio writer here – I have ZERO Virgo lol, I get it all the time, I’m Libra rising so its actually my 12th house! I do have Jupiter in Pisces in the 6th tho…

      1. Yeah but what’s your Mercury like? Conjunct Sun, perchance? Maybe it’s in the 3rd? It could also be the result of Mercury on an occult star like Khambalia – inquiring minds want to know, LOL! 😛 😀

        (You don’t actually have to disclose, BTW)

      2. Mercury in Scorpio, 2nd house, unaspected. Obsessive. And I have Sag ruling my 3rd house, very much a big picture person, so much so that it’s easy for me to drop the ball on smaller tasks if I am not being conscientious…I am not naturally organized. I honestly think this was born out of my Sun-Pluto in Scorpio squaring my Mars in Aquarius… Its not like I get everything on my list done, it’s more like I get a wide range view of things I COULD do out of my head so I can choose my battles and prioritize tasks more effectively in the moment. Hmmmm… Hadn’t thought abt fixed stars…

  13. As a Sagg with mediocre self-esteem, I have rallied for years against routine and organisation but realised about 18 months ago how liberating having a to-do list can be for mental clarity and achieving even the most mundane life tasks. I realised that avoiding structure led to disorganisation, which was linked to my self-esteem/worth. By being disorganised, I kept myself stuck in a rut.

    I am really impressed by this approach but think it might be a little too aspirational for my own life, but you never know…

    I’ve just purchased a ‘Best Self’ journal and started using it today. You plot out three goals to achieve over the next three months, and tangible actions you can take to achieve those tasks. Then there is a double sided spread for each day of the three months. Each morning you clarify your goals for the day, and then plot out how you’ll spend every half an hour between 6am and 9pm. The premise for this is to become more conscious of how you’re spending your time – so you don’t have to book yourself up completely for the day, but you begin thinking about pencilling in ‘me time’, ‘workout time’ etc. Then at night, you reflect on how you went, as well as write a short gratitude list. I’m going to use it to improve my diet and fitness, and start saving some money… I’m feeling optimistic, but also getting ideas from this post about how to use a planner next year…

    1. yes to your first thing!! i have had a personal vendetta against being organised for the past decade or so and am just now coming to the realisation that in doing so i have been sabotaging myself and wasting fuqloads of time. being really mutable (sag rising) but also really fixed (t-square with toro mars involved, yay) has me wrestling with time management and spontaneity constantly. but i have gemini moon in the 6th house and being urbane and sleek with mundane tasks automated is excellent for my wellbeing and having all that banal stuff organised really opens up space for creativity without guilt!

      1. OMG yes to self-sabotage! It’s a really effective way of keeping yourself small isn’t it? I so relate to what you say about grappling with time management and spontaneity. I have found myself in a pattern of rebelling against any structure, and then going all hardcore for a week or few days with being organised and giving it up as quickly as it began.

        Love the idea of creativity without guilt too. Yesterday as I plotted out my day I realised I actually had time in the afternoon to write – just pure, unabated writing time. Very freeing! 🙂

    2. Your comment resonates with me… I am Sagg SN plus multi-Pisces and Gem NN which somehow all overpower my heavy earth planets. Everything looks doable, plausible and the new thing looks so much more appealing than the not-finished old thing 🙂
      Someone observed about me yesterday that my problem with my angsty overwrought mind is due to the fact that I lack focus. I also read a great quote somewhere: “successful people say yes to everything. Very successful people say yes to virtually nothing.” Your points here will help me get some focus, thank you!

      1. Oh my pleasure! I have found keeping a flexible mindset and being kind to yourself is key for me in this new mindset because the truth is life gets in the way, and while having a to-do list is great most of the time, sometimes you go off track or have a sh*tty day and that’s perfectly okay – you can pick it back up again tomorrow or next week.

        I always found structure and responsibility to feel oppressive but it meant I was incapable of doing really basic things – like housework and managing my finances… and it dawned on me that I don’t have to be a gung-ho clean freak or budgeter, but getting a bit of structure in my life on a mundane level is a foundational act of self-care.

        I’m day four into the Best Self journal and loving it – it’s a really simple tool and highly recommend it if you’re after a tangible way to plan out and work towards a few short-term goals 🙂

  14. Amazing! I bought a paper diary as I am struggling with the amount things to do, manifest, action etc. but it wasn’t quite working and this shows why! You get out of it what you put into a diary. Just sat and wrote out most of my goals and transferred the scheduler in manually which is so helpful and I used to do.

    Thanks for this, it is such a good way to get your game on. Gem likes the quote that in a crisis, “you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training”.

  15. This is impressive! 🙂

    I am organized, but not this organized! I’ve got a Pisces/Virgo push pull of planets over the MC/IC angles in my chart so I go back and forth.

    Speaking of wimmyn, have you ever seen the We’Moon calendar/datebook that the We’Moon wimmyn’s community in Oregon (Oregyn) publish every year? I got their datebook every year for at least 10 years, and haven’t in the last several years but thinking of going back to it. They add astro info, including aspects, into their pages. Anyone can submit art for it, too. It is awesome! Check it!

    1. Ah yes, i used the We’Moon Diary ages ago too – then i could only get Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook (similar) which is also full of astro & witch lore. Yeah, smacks of 70’s wimmyn and herstory – but it’s very handy moon and astro tracking. That & MM’s Daily Planner are core base.

      I just want more CONSISTENCY again in dairy keeping pls, Cosmos ….(throws filthy look at Uranus)…..though maybe it’s since Progressed Asc is in Sagg… i don’t know, but I used to be so good at this.

    2. This is a great tip, thank you!

      They have it in Spanish for 2018, so that’s perfect for integrating my language practice.

      Gracias, amiga!

    3. That We’Moon calendar taught me a lot about astrology in the late 90s. I used it as a little diary–major themes of the day or events, plus tracked my period. My biggest AHA was learning years after the fact looking through the calendars that every single major fight with my SO at the time happened when the Moon was in Cancer… MY Moon is in Cancer, as is his. Revelatory!

  16. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    ZOMGGG I have had this sort of thing on my mind for some time now–thankyou for the inspo Scorpio Wimmyn!

    *runs off to start own organisational tool*

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