Scorpio – Venomous Desert Creature or Noble Phoenix? Or does it depend what phase of the Moon you get them on? They’re Pluto-affiliated, know more about you than they let on, and secretly consider mystique to be their greatest asset. Scorpios will say their primordial instincts are because they meditate but really, they’ve remained in touch with the reptilian realm of their brain. Browse dozens of cool posts on inspirational (or notorious) Scorpio people.

Tilda Swinton makeup smeared on face

Astro Tilda Swinton

Even by multiple Scorpio standards (she’s got Sun-Neptune-Mercury tight together in Scorp), the arthouse actress Tilda Swinton is an extraordinary woman. Every time i read an interview with her, i’m re-struck by her singularity. She’s turning 50 this week and …

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leather bound notebook with Scorpio on cover

The Book Of Scorpio

This is a hand-bound book with hugely high quality blank pages of paper inside.  What would be written in it?  The shit-list of peeps the Scorpio is anti? Occult stock-market secret formulas?  Sex tips? Sexual Affirmations? Sensual memoirs?  How the …

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