Scorpio – Venomous Desert Creature or Noble Phoenix? Or does it depend what phase of the Moon you get them on? They’re Pluto-affiliated, know more about you than they let on, and secretly consider mystique to be their greatest asset. Scorpios will say their primordial instincts are because they meditate but really, they’ve remained in touch with the reptilian realm of their brain. Browse dozens of cool posts on inspirational (or notorious) Scorpio people.

1940s women with Ancient Egyptian God

The Real Scorpio Personality Traits

The Real Scorpio Personality traits? They’re Change Agents, Magic-Brokers and Destructive if they turn their powers to ill.  Seethingly intense, vengeful, inscrutable and sexed up to the max, Scorpios are hard-to-ignore. The sign of Sex, the Occult & Other People’s Money is signified by the venomous Scorpion and the regenerating Phoenix. The ruler of the sign was once Mars (giving our Scorp the vibe of an emo Aries) but is …

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Two women facing one another in a magical room with talismans and occult masks. A window reveals the starry night outside.

Nine Things You Did Not Know About Scorpios

Unless you are a Scorpio, here are Nine Things You Did Not Know About Scorpio. Probably. (1) When they gaze at you intently, like a Scorpion getting ready to sting something, it is actually them trying to seem nonchalant. (2) Scorpios are unable to work as extras in movies or advertisement shoots because they draw the eye. They always look as if they’re up to something, part of the plot …

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