Scorpio – Venomous Desert Creature or Noble Phoenix? Or does it depend what phase of the Moon you get them on? They’re Pluto-affiliated, know more about you than they let on, and secretly consider mystique to be their greatest asset. Scorpios will say their primordial instincts are because they meditate but really, they’ve remained in touch with the reptilian realm of their brain. Browse dozens of cool posts on inspirational (or notorious) Scorpio people.

Gerard Butler apartment interior

Gerard Butler’s Scorpy New Apartment

As discussed previously, Gerard Butler is a Scorpio. He is about to appear on the cover of Architectural Digest with his apartment refurb.  According to his designer’s website here, he wanted something elegant & gorgeous but terribly raw and masculine. Okay, my points… * I cannot post the pic but if you look at the designers website, it shows the foyer of the apartment with a ceiling mosiac of Zeus/Jupiter …

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Scorpio necklace young man

Explain This Scorpio Dilemma And Win

Who wants to explain this Scorpio Dilemma? A Mega Mystic membership to the person who comes up with the best caption for this pic, please! Clearly, it is depicting a situation about a Scorpio. So the potential for drama and intensity is already there. He’s found this in the wash, suggesting that the other person is secretly seeing a Scorpio? Or, perhaps this gentleman is a Scorpio, and he is …

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Gerard Butler with Jennifer Aniston

Astro Jen & Gerry

W Magazine Steven Klein I am sitting here tripping on Voltaren ( i barely ever take pills, am like an arnica & lavender sort of person, so when i DO, I trip) thanks to a condition I am going to call Saturn Neck. I’m doing all sorts of things. My Louise Hay affirmation: I am at peace with life. Saturn Neck (or, as she calls it, ‘neck problems’) have to …

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astronaut playing guitar in space station

Awesome Scorpio – Astronaut Personals

This  is astronaut Steve Robinson, playing guitar in the new space station. I love this guy! He’s also an artist and he plays in an all-astronaut band. His c.v. is well, um, impressive + he appears to be single. Peeps who like your space, this could be JUST your guy. He’s away a lot and is not, obviously, the kind of guy to ring up grizzling. But what about his …

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Scorpio Men On Prozac

Scorpio Men On Prozac

Scorpio Men On Prozac is a new indie film following the lives of several different Scorpio men & boys. They’re not all on Prozac but, judging from the scenes released thus-far, they should be. They were too intense for me to post up here. Lol, tres Scorp. It’s based on a book of the same title by Rand Marsh who, I am assuming is a Scorpio. I love the concept. …

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Magic Man Doing Alchemy

My Fave Astrologer Had Mercury Conjunct Pluto But Never Knew

Paracelsus had Mercury Conjunct Pluto, but he never knew. Magician, Alchemist and Astrologer, Paracelsus was born in the 16th Century. He was a Scorpio with Mercury exact conjunct his Pluto and Midheaven. He would have loved that, but nobody discovered Pluto until the 1930s. People with such tight conjunctions to their Midheaven are remembered well after that particular lifetime. Paracelsus may not be a household name, but he made it …

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