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Emilie Du Chatelet Was Sun Square North Node

For a stunning example of the Sun square North Node, read on!   “If I were king, I would reform an abuse which effectively cuts back half of humanity. I would have women participate in all human rights, and above all, those of the mind.”   Emilie Du Chatelet – The Woman Science Forgot People who defied convention in previous centuries lend us strength today. Futuristic people, living ahead of …

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Sagittarius: Nine Months To Go

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising People have been equally affected by Saturn in recent times. And, it’s a transit that is most appreciated in hindsight, not a quality usually associated with this Mutable Fire Sign! Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising People – how MUCH has your life evolved since Saturn first set his well-shod foot into your domain? That was December 2014. And now you have but nine months of Saturn in …

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Joan Didion in long frock smoking next to her Corvette stingray

Joan Didion Is A Classic Sagittarius Personality

The writer Joan Didion is a classic example of the Sagittarius personality. You see it in her words, style, and even her packing list. She has Sun, Moon, and Venus in the sign. An amazingly prolific writer, she was a New Journalism pioneer. She fearlessly explored fragmented psyches before it was fashionable. She was more recently a model for Celine, just a few years off her Uranus Return at age …

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Is This The Mouthiest Olympics Yet?

Is this the mouthiest Olympics yet? It sure seems like it. There have been so many spats and mouth-off incidents, with the latest being Triple Leo USA soccer team captain Hope Solo saying of the Swedish team: “I also think we played a bunch of cowards. But the best team did not win today. I strongly, firmly believe that.” Broadly, Sagittarius is “sport” and Saturn is, well, issues showing up. …

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Sagittarius Mojo – Reclaimed

Welcome to some good news for Sagittarius. Sure, it has been exhausting. Faith frazzling even. Saturn in Sagittarius problems, that Chiron on the South Node crap, Mars in their Soul Sector doing latrine duty with the psychic guck, their ruling planet bugging out in Virgo – Sagittarius folk have had a sucky cathartic year. And of course with Saturn in your sign, people treat you like you’re a damned Capricorn, …

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*Sagittarius Confidential – Ten Rules

Are you Sagittarius, Sagittarius Rising or Moon in Sagittarius? Follow these rules for a GOOD time. Everyone knows about the Sagittarius disdain for “rules” but nonetheless, there are certain guidelines that will make life easier for you right now.  Why? Because Saturn is in your sign for, let’s just say, many moons. And Mars is staunchly siding with Saturn so this sagacious influence has now got muscle. (1) Embrace feeling …

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