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Full Moon In Saggo…

William Holman Hunt “Having promised one another distance, hunting, and home, don’t lovers always cross each others boundaries?” Rainer Maria Rilke – Saggo Poet Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius & note the cosmic weather report; MASSIVE cold fronts and/or flash-storms relating to SPACE, DISTANCE, LIBERATION, EMANCIPATION & AUTONOMY ISSUES.  For best results in any circumstances, give and take masses of space. Don’t nark off. Emancipate thyself.

Secrets Of The Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius Man will often claim that he has no secrets. He is, claims Sagittarius Man, an open book. Possibly one recommended to him by “this amazing New Age chick I met on the beach at Ko Lanta.” In fact, you could argue that the Sagittarius Man deploys a strange form of subterfuge whereby his stunning transparency conceals his hidden-in-plain-sight personality traits. Or rather personality aspirations. To be a SagittariusRead More…

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