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The Prototypal New Age Saggo Guy

Musician, producer and songwriter Maurice White was the prototypal New Age Saggo guy. Arguably he did more to introduce esoteric concepts into mainstream culture than anyone. He founded the phenomenally successful band Earth, Wind & Fire, transmitting a unique fusion of disco, funk, jazz, and occult imaged album covers/concepts at dizzying velocity. White was doing ankhs, chakras, planet symbols, the Eye of Horus and apocryphal bible kitsch well before it …

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Paula Radcliffe running through when pregnant

When You’re Embodying Your Birth Chart Brilliantly

Some people embody their birth chart brilliantly. The runner in the picture above is Paula Radcliffe, the fastest female marathoner of all time. She’s Sagittarius and in a darkly hilarious Saggo moment, made it into one of the ‘top ten most memorable live television moments’ by stopping to relieve herself mid-race. “Basically, I needed to go,” she said. But more seriously, she took up running to help with childhood ill …

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Quote from C.S. Lewis biography to illustrate Sagittarius trait

Is Hating Bureaucracy A Key Sagittarius Trait?

  Extreme aversion to bureaucracy is a Sagittarius trait. C.S. Lewis, the author of the Narnia Chronicles, was Sun, Uranus, Venus, Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius. That much vibe in one sign is something else; it’s called a stellium. It amplifies the zodiac sign characteristics ten-fold. None of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) are crash hot with bureaucratic requirements. Virgo will at least be able to find …

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Jesus Was Not A Capricorn But Santa Is A Sagittarius

Santa Claus is the best-known member of the Sagittarius sign. Jesus was not a Capricorn. Pisces makes more sense. Just think of the symbology; loaves, fishes, redemption and turning water to wine. He was often barefoot or in sandals. He had a broad acquaintance and enjoyed a cryptic romance. Think also Father issues and martyrdom. The olden day Christians just changed his birthday to bump off the far more popular …

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Saturn-Free Sagittarians

Saturn spends two and a half years going through each sign of the Zodiac. When it’s Saturn in your sign, you’re different, more muted and respectful. Even if you’re not having a direct Saturn transit, you feel the Saturnine energy. So there are now 45 more days of Saturn in Sagittarius to go. Today is the day that you can confidently assert to Sagittarius folk that their ever-present sense of …

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