Magical realists with erratic boundaries, Pisces are on a unique frequency. They’re empowered by their ruler Neptune in Pisces until 2027, more individuated than in any previous era. Read dozens of posts about Pisces people of all varieties, including rarely mentioned Pisces personality traits.

Ferris Bueller in the shower

Astro-Gaga: What Sign Is Ferris Bueller?

I was  just reading that the house featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is up for sale & including – obviously – the amazing Ferrari garage overlooking the ravine that featured in the ‘you canned the car’ scene. If you don’t know what I am talking about, apologies but i adored this movie sooo much & weirdly, so do my kids. But sign is Ferris???  I’m thinking total Pisces…

Mermaid in bubble bath

Understanding The Pisces Woman

How to understand the Pisces woman? Understand that she can flip from one mode into another with no loss of focus. She is good at transitions. What’s more, she’ll sense when it is time to make one well before most people pick up on it. But do they go around boasting of their precognitive skills? Rarely. The Pisces Woman likes to appear laissez-faire, verging on stupendously bimbonic, mega-vague & naff. …

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Elizabeth Taylor in swimming pool holding a green parrot

Pisces Gifts Problems Solved

  Pisces gifts can be impossible. They always say they don’t want a thing, and then they are in denial about how unique their tastes are. Here, the solution! Pisces people loudly proclaim not to give a shit about their birthdays. They are above the petty tyranny of time, their age, or anniversaries. And they hate formal occasions for any reason, let alone to mark the passage of time. Pisceans …

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