Magical realists with erratic boundaries, Pisces are on a unique frequency. They’re empowered by their ruler Neptune in Pisces until 2027, more individuated than in any previous era. Read dozens of posts about Pisces people of all varieties, including rarely mentioned Pisces personality traits.

Aquarius No More?

Dear Mystic, I have been reading your blog for a bit and am now a recent subscriber. I have gotten an astrology reading and I also input my birth information to get a chart from astro.com. Both have revealed facts that have me questioning my allegiance to Aquarius. I always thought I was one of those born on a cusp. My husband profusely believes that I am a typical Aquarius. …

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Astro Rik Mayall

Well THAT was sad.  Obviously. And kind of weirdly apt for Mercury Retrograde in that the passing of Rik Mayall prompts not so much a trip down memory lane as a full bore thrusters out charge down memory motorway. His Rick on The  Young Ones was such an iconic portrayal of a pretentious young tosser (that show so GOT a certain era of share housing it was the illo to …

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Lykke Li arty black and white

Lykke Li Totally Gets Saturn

“When Li talks about the difficult period in her life that inspired I Never Learn, she launches into a discussion of the astrological phase known as the Return of Saturn with the graveness of an environmental scientist explaining climate change. “It’s in every person’s life, around 27 to 29 years old,” she says, “the stars and the planets align themselves to exactly the way they were when you were born. …

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Peaches Geldof wedding picture

Peaches & Neptune

My Gemini daughter said to me yesterday “what in the stars is killing all these people?”  And now this. Poor Peaches Geldof and those little boys of hers. It’s heart-breaking.  I remember reading Paula Yates (Peaches mother) book On Blondes in the 80s and then her parenting (yes) guide all about the bliss of babies and full time motherhood.  And then there was Michael Hutchence. Drugs and alcohol run through …

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Girls fighting with fish art

Pisces: The Sign Of Self-Redoing

It happens every ten days or so. Some poor person emails, freaked out because they’re read that Pisces (or the 12th House) is the sign/house of “self-undoing.”  To be clear: people wrote all sorts of schizz in the olden days and some of it is hideously fatalistic and without the benefit of, well, modernity.  Read some old astro texts and wow out at how sexist they are, for example. Why …

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Lou reed drinking smoking

Lou Reed Was Archetypal Mercury In Aquarius

Lou Reed was Mercury in Aquarius. It was conjunct Venus and trine Jupiter in eloquent Gemini. A Jupiter trine amplifies everything. He was a genius muso, artist and unabashed party animal. But he was problematic in his personal life and hell to interview. You can see how such a strong and self-directed Mercury would balk at the artificial deep but-not-really circus of a press interview. Or the demands of publicity …

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