Magical realists with erratic boundaries, Pisces are on a unique frequency. They’re empowered by their ruler Neptune in Pisces until 2027, more individuated than in any previous era. Read dozens of posts about Pisces people of all varieties, including rarely mentioned Pisces personality traits.

A Pisces Took The First Selfie

The first selfie ever taken captured Pisces Robert Cornelius, at the moment of his Saturn Return. Sadly, it was also when he turned away from invention.  It is the first known deliberate photograph of a human. From Saving The Work Of Robert Cornelius: Cornelius was an innovator at the intersection of art and science, driven by the desire to bring photography to the forefront. The new medium caught on quickly …

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Witch in red dress at home with cat

Pisces People Are Becoming More Piscean

Neptune In Pisces for Pisces Pisces Qi is getting stronger. It began quietly at the end of 2017, probably with the first pulse of that Jupiter-Neptune trine. Or, some say, around the time of the Emotional Support Peacock.  Could the drunk alleged time traveller have somehow been a factor? Anyway, whatever is doing it, Pisces People Are Becoming More Piscean. The key indicator? They’re no longer even pretending to take advice or …

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Pisces, Aquarius Rising

“You’re Pisces, Aquarius Rising…You were born to be loved, but you don’t realize it.” This is not how i would necessarily interpret being Pisces, Aquarius Rising and i AM that. How i wish La Piscine explored this theme at length. But this late Sixties New Wave Chic Noire French movie is more focussed on simmering lusts amid ostensibly bourgeois folk. It’s a super-Neptunian movie. Wine, Sobriety, Fashion, Yearning, The Ocean, …

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Chiron Leaving Pisces

Pisces Confidential – Chiron Leaving Pisces

Everyone is in transition these next nine weeks.  But right now – with Chiron Leaving Pisces and the New Moon impending being alongside Chiron – Pisces is the Sun Sign doing the most intense psychic evolution. It’s an identity crisis that WILL equal opportunity because Pisces are opportunists. A Pisces in Flow State is a synchronicity witch or wizard, a momentum player. But Chiron leaving Pisces can create surges of …

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He’s A Pisces

The Pisces in Love prefers a paranormal romance. They have only two speeds: cynic and time-crossed karmic lover. They show their affection in weird ways and are easily crowded by relationship demands that other Zodiac signs would consider standard. Pisceans navigate by intuition and deja vu prompts. They’re perfectly capable of combining shallow awareness with depth consciousness and have no idea of how confusing they are to be in love …

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Pisces Vibe

You know you’re dealing with Pisces Vibe when the normal is abnormalized and the unusual taken totally in stride. A trip to the mall can be cause for an existential crisis. Ghosts, giant birds and general what-the-fuqery greeted with equanimity. While another sign of the zodiac might be preoccupied with politics, Pisces is keen to acknowledge the legitimacy of all alternative dimensions. Pisces rarely look weird but they can and …

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