What your friends won’t tell you, their Sun Sign will. Sure, it’s not the whole astrological story but the Sun Sign personality is hugely indicative. Enjoy dozens of unique, informative and sometimes humorous posts on the Sun Signs.

Learn more about Leo Self-Limiting Syndrome, Virgo Vision, why Saint Valentine could not have been an Aquarius. Discover the niche, rarely mentioned super-powers of the Sun Signs in posts like The Dominant Gemini Personality Trait and Two Rarely Mentioned Pisces Personality Traits.

Or, compare all of them in The Sun Signs As Cruise Ship Workers.

Astro Ross Ulbricht

WOW so you would anticipate Ross Ulbricht to have some seriously fascinating astrology going down and yes he does. But first, some background. Ulbricht has just been sentenced to life (life-life) for creating the illicit drugs (mostly) website Silk Road.  …

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Marcus Aurelius – Total Taurus

Marcus Aurelius was a total Taurus. In fact, he was a triple Taurus, self-composed and such a stayer that his ‘brand’ endures even now. Thousands of years later, he’s still the go-to mentor for successful people.

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