What your friends won’t tell you, their Sun Sign will. Sure, it’s not the whole astrological story but the Sun Sign personality is hugely indicative. Enjoy dozens of unique, informative and sometimes humorous posts on the Sun Signs.

Learn more about Leo Self-Limiting Syndrome, Virgo Vision, why Saint Valentine could not have been an Aquarius. Discover the niche, rarely mentioned super-powers of the Sun Signs in posts like The Dominant Gemini Personality Trait and Two Rarely Mentioned Pisces Personality Traits.

Or, compare all of them in The Sun Signs As Cruise Ship Workers.

Neptune Lilith Is Louche

Johnny Depp is Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon and Leo Rising – but i think it’s his Lilith-Neptune in Scorpio that makes him so much like the louche muso boyfriend from your early 20s ideal. Ryan Gosling has this too. Incorrectly or not, it’s an aspect that makes females feel they could just be their darker selves around this dude, that nothing would be off limits. Obviously, their representation collaborates in …

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Virgo Grace

This by the Beat poet Richard Brautigan – multiple Aquarius – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and North Node.  I am not sure who the Virgo “Hilda” was but it’s kind of funky. Arguably THIS is his best-known poem. MOUTHS THAT KISSED IN THE HOT ASHES OF POMPEII Mouths that kissed in the hot ashes of Pompeii are returning and eyes that could adore their beloved only in the fires of …

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Multiple Gemini Genius

 “The woman who had been torpedoed in the Mediterranean, strafed by the Luftwaffe, stranded on an Arctic island, bombarded in Moscow, and pulled out of the Chesapeake when her chopper crashed, was known to the Life staff as ‘Maggie the Indestructible.’” Margaret Bourke White was a photo-journalism pioneer, a trail blazer for females in the media (she was the first female war correspondent, for example) and self improvement addict. Astrologically, …

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Ask Mystic: Leo On The Verge

Dear Mystic, I can’t help feeling like it’s a stroke of luck that I am (blissfully) ignorant about the aspects and complexities of my chart…other than knowing the I’m a Leo, with Leo Rising and Moon in Gemini.  As I am in possession of particularly active mind and prolifically rampant imagination. Too much insider “knowledge” may just fuel the cognitive fire…it happens! I wait every day for you to write …

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Always On My Neptune

“I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn’t even find my bike.”   “My love affair with pot was, by far, the smoothest of all my marriages. Pot and I got along beautifully.  Pot…never busted my balls but got me up and took …

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The Empress & The Thief

The Seven Of Swords tends to pop up in the Tarot when someone is thieving off you – I’ve seen this proven true countless times. Here, the fabulous Aries Carla Ciccone demonstrates. I use the Tarot on your site the way my grandmother prays—often and with faith. While I was in Florence last week, I hit “play again” at least four times, because the Seven of Swords kept appearing. He …

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